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Tenders are invited for Each Tab Cap Contains L Carnitine 500 Mg Plus Ubidecarenone Bp Co Enzyme Q10 50 Mg Plus Elemental Zinc As Zinc Ascorbate 5 Mg Plus Lycopene 5 Percent 2500 Mcg Plus Astaxanthin 8 Mg In Strip / Blister Pack Only In Strip / Blister Pack Only Quotes-Its Brand Name, Formulation And Life
There has been some clinical evidence on the use of Co Enzyme Q10 and its ability to slow down the rate of disability in patients with untreated Parkinson's.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Inj Chorio-Gonadotropin Alpha 250 meg (Recombinant HCG) Cap Vaginal Pessary Micronised Progesterone 200 mg_ Tab DHEA 75 mg + Melatonin 3 mg + co enzyme q10_ 5 Ml Tube Poly round Bottom Tubes Individually Sterile Packed for IVF_ Inj Recombinant Follitropin Alpha 1050_ Tab Garenoxacin (200 mg) Cap Afatinib 40 mg.
C Plus Zinc Plus Seleninm Plus Co Enzyme - 10-30 Mg.
Tenders are invited for Each Caps Contains Astraxan Thine Plus Reduce Co Enzyme 2 - 10 Plus L Cornitine Plus Lycopene Plus Zinc Strip / Blister Pack Only.