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a metric unit of length equal to one hundredth of a meter

a radioactive transuranic metallic element

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In addition, CMeD will be a training center for future medical professionals looking for experience in advanced clinical trial design and evaluation of medical devices.
Geoff's appointment is a key building block in our future business strategy" said David Connelly, Cmed CEO.
Through the coupling of its own proprietary e-clinical technology, Timaeus, with its study delivery teams, Cmed Clinical Services has distinctive capabilities which enables the company to deliver early phase I to IIb clinical projects innovatively; faster and more cost effectively.
Timaeus' forward-looking architecture has allowed us to repeatedly harness innovation as it occurs, such as the recent developments in tablet and mobile computing," said Timothy Corbett-Clark, Cmed Technology's Chief Technology Officer.
Commenting on the agreement, Dr Al-Derham said: QU is pleased to partner with Maastricht University which will contribute to enriching CMED s curriculum and serving students in their journey towards becoming distinguished medical professionals.
I am thrilled to be joining Cmed at this exciting time", said Stephanie.
We are delighted to welcome Dr Huson to Cmed", said David Connelly, Cmed CEO, " he brings a huge wealth of experience in the practical application of statistics in a clinical trial setting having been responsible for several successful US and European licensing submissions including everything from design and analysis through to reporting.
Richard Young, Director of Business Development at Cmed said: "Tessella and Cmed have been collaborating for some time; not least of all through our Adaptive Trial Design symposium (February 2009).
HMC and CMED will coordinate their development effort through Hitachi Medical Systems America, Inc.
Cmed established its first US foothold in 2001 with offices in New Providence, New Jersey, before quickly moving to a larger office in Murray Hill, New Jersey.
If we do not hear from you by October 9, 2000, we intend to seek a court order confirming our interpretation of the Rights Agreement and restraining CMED from adopting a contrary position.
Cmed Technology has roots from Oxford University, starting in 2000 as ThirdPhase Ltd, an electronic data capture research and development company.
Nasdaq: CMED) or solicit proxies for the removal and replacement of the current CMED board.
Cmed advances commercial development of its award-winning Timaeus system, with the appointment of a new global head of commercialisation and operations that has extensive experience both in enterprise software production and biopharma business transformation.
CMED will sell the automated FISH kits in China and Leica will have an option to sell the automated FISH kits in the rest of the world.