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Synonyms for commander

Synonyms for commander

someone in an official position of authority who can command or control others

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a commissioned naval officer who ranks above a lieutenant commander and below a captain

an officer in the airforce

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Lt Cmdr Peter Marshall at 767 Squadron with his wife Carolyn and their children (from left) Richard (aged 4), Melanie (6), Christopher (11), Kathryn (14 months), Kirstie (10), Sally (8), Carl (9) and Ginny (3) in 1969.
Lt Cmdr Simms was promoted to Commander, only to die in December 1942 as his new ship HMS Snapdragon came under attack in the Mediterranean, while HMS Lamerton went on to serve with the Indian Navy until the 1970s.
My job is to the officers and the enlisted men; to provide oversight and guidance as they drive and fight the ship," said Cmdr.
Lt Cmdr Horner said the plans were expected to go before the planning committee next Thursday.
Cmdr West has also worked at the high-security Permanent Joint Headquarters in Northwood, Middlesex, where she helped co-ordinate UK operations in the Gulf.
GRABBED The court was told that Lt Cmdr Molyneux had tried to tackle Donovan but was shot in the head from just 5cm away.
Wg Cmdr Knowles, the son of a cart maker, left school at 14 and joined a growing electrical company where he became skilled in telecommunications and in particular, Morse code.
Lt Cmdr Dickens said: "The school gives over more than average time to the Combined Cadet Force as it has proved to be a major contributor to the development of some of the youngsters who find traditional academic schooling challenging.
Lt Cmdr Fraser, from Wallasey, had been preparing to travel to London yesterday for the bi-annual VC's reunion hosted by Prince Charles and attended by all living VC recipients.
Drum Maj Gavin Moxworthy, Maj Andy Thornhill; Anne Ratcliffe, Maj Les Ratcliffe, Joan Haywood, Ken Haywood; Dave and Maggie Jakes; Tony and Sue Sanders; Frankie Van Beek, Com Luke Van Beek, Sue Sanders, Tony Sanders, Amanda Hawley, Michael Hawley, Anne Soar, Vice Adml Trevor Soar; Cmdr David Shutts, Jo Self, Cmdr Liz Walmsley, Cmdr Matthew Clark; Brig Jonathan Bourne-May, Karen Bourne-May, Sarah Falkland, Gabriel Crozier; Band of The Royal Marines
Trident Warrior 2005 (TWOS) provided an exciting opportunity to talk with members of the AUSCANNZUKUS (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States) alliance, including the Commanding Officer of HMCS Montreal, Cmdr.
old friends Naval colleagues (from left), Cmdr Graham Charlesworth, Capt Steve Greenwood, Lt-Cmdr Phil Dickinson and Capt Ian Beaumont
Navy top brass said Lt Cmdr London was ``a hero'', and told of the tragic irony which meant that just last week he starred in a television documentary about one of his most death-defying exploits.
The report follows a four-month inquiry by Deputy Chief Constable Gordon Clark, of Humberside Police, into allegations against Cmdr Paddick made by his former lover.