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Synonyms for commander

Synonyms for commander

someone in an official position of authority who can command or control others

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a commissioned naval officer who ranks above a lieutenant commander and below a captain

an officer in the airforce

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Lt Cmdr Marshall joined the Australian air force, and his family migrated with him.
Grafton was a very small town, with only one stoplight at the time," said Cmdr.
But Cmdr Clough hopes to return to the Mersey soon.
They were inspected by Cmdr Dai Kent of the Royal Navy.
A Ministry of Defence spokesman said Cmdr Axon, from Southsea, had been recalled as a result of an equal opportunities investigation.
The submarine, which was dry-docked for about six weeks after the accident, returned to sea in early April with Cmdr.
Cmdr West will have her own cabin and steward on HMS Portland, but will dine alone each night unless invited to join other officers.
In the shooting spree, Donovan fired six shots, killing Lt Cmdr Molyneux.
In September 1940 Hurricane and Captain Lt Cmdr Hugh Crofton Simms, had led the rescue of young emigrants after the Ellerman line ship City of Benares was torpedoed in the Atlantic.
Flight Lieutenant Will Close-Ash, 34, who knew Wg Cmdr Knowles for 10 years, said: "He was very unassuming.
Officers from HMS Forward, Lt Cmdr Rob Jaffier and Lt Cmdr Tim Dickens, joined the Commodore and new Naval instructors to inspect the new cadets, aged 14 to 16.
In the Navy, many of the sailors live in self-contained neighborhoods, but Cmdr.
Lt Cmdr Fraser, from Wallasey, had been preparing to travel to London yesterday for the bi-annual VC's reunion hosted by Prince Charles and attended by all living VC recipients.
Drum Maj Gavin Moxworthy, Maj Andy Thornhill; Anne Ratcliffe, Maj Les Ratcliffe, Joan Haywood, Ken Haywood; Dave and Maggie Jakes; Tony and Sue Sanders; Frankie Van Beek, Com Luke Van Beek, Sue Sanders, Tony Sanders, Amanda Hawley, Michael Hawley, Anne Soar, Vice Adml Trevor Soar; Cmdr David Shutts, Jo Self, Cmdr Liz Walmsley, Cmdr Matthew Clark; Brig Jonathan Bourne-May, Karen Bourne-May, Sarah Falkland, Gabriel Crozier; Band of The Royal Marines