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(Greek mythology) wife of Agamemnon who had him murdered when he returned from the Trojan War

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They give priority to the spoken word over the voiceless (anaudos, 496) fire signs of Clytemnestra, although they cannot bring themselves to speak the alternative (499).
You'd turn the corner and see Clytemnestra murdering Agamemnon.
The other Aulide singers include: Quebec tenor Frederic Antoun in a very impressive turn as Achille (one of his most gripping scenes comes in Act II, where he confronts Agamemnon and vows to prevent his would-be father-in-laws planned sacrifice of Iphigenic to Diana); Swedish mezzo Anne Sofie von Otter as Clytemnestra ("Par un pere cruel" in Act 11 is especially touching); and French bass Nicolas Teste as Agamemnon (who turns in A a moving "O toi, I'objet le plus amiable" in Act II, begging the gods to release him from his oath to sacrifice his daughter, while gazing at an image of her with a belt of explosives and an marked on her forehead).
I will be watching them more than the play to a certain extent," laughs the 33-year-old, who was among the cast in Sherman Cymru's reopening drama Clytemnestra 10 months ago.
Agamemnon returned to Clytemnestra ten years later when she murdered him.
Thus the Sophoclean Clytemnestra speculates that Electra and Orestes may silence her, with Electra replying, "we are silenced, much less should we silence you" (Sophocles 55); and, a moment later, Clytemnestra comments to the tutor who has reported Orestes' putative death, "Your coming, sir, would deserve large recompense if you had hushed her clamorous tongue" (Sophocles 55).
So the furies help Orestes to wreak vengeance on his mother, Clytemnestra, for killing his father, Agamemnon.
Some of these works like Pacuvius' Doulorestes, Livius Andronicus' Aegisthus and Lucius Accius' famous Clytemnestra (7) are preserved only in fragments, but we do have Seneca's Agamemnon which presents a very different Clytaemestra to that of Aeschylus' tragedy of the same name.
Pollux, Helen, Castor and Clytemnestra are the offspring of Leda, who was raped by Zeus in the form of a swan.
Another chapter examines The Ring and the Book alongside Bulwer Lytton's Clytemnestra and Levy's Medusa in relation to mid-century debates about marriage, domestic abuse, and divorce proceedings.
Empathy for Clytemnestra and Gertrude still echo in these sewn fetishes.
At the end of this series of adventures, reunited with her family as Helen's twin sister Clytemnestra is now a queen, married to Agamemnon, Helen looks at herself in a mirror and realizes she is growing up, and that she is a woman too.
IF YOU can't recall the exact details of the Greek myth of Electra, let's just say that it's as cruel and bloody as the battle at Vimy Ridge: Electra's father, Agamemnon, returns home from battle, but instead of being heralded as a victor, he is greeted with an axe--murdered in his bath by his wife Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus.
She sang in a joint production with MidAmerica Productions and the Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra as Clytemnestra in Tanejev's "Agamemnon" in Poland and Carnegie Hall, and has appeared with the Norwalk Symphony Orchestra and Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra.
Clytemnestra, in Aeschylus's Agamemnon, gloats that Cassandra cried out at her own death like a swan.