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heavy feathered-legged breed of draft horse originally from Scotland

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Clydesdale Bank supported the project to build the new premises with a seven figure funding package.
The rest will be held by shareholders of NAB, which has owned the Clydesdale since 1987 and the Yorkshire since 1990.
NAB (NAB: ASX) has confirmed its plans to spin off its British businesses, Clydesdale and Yorkshire banks, by February.
More than 200 horses will be in the show, including Andalusians, Lusitanians, Arabians and Clydesdales.
Clydesdale Bank has a tradition of naming and commemorating buildings it occupies on bank notes.
45pm unless stated) TODAY Clydesdale Bank SPL - Celtic v Rangers (12.
The Clydesdale Bank 40 will see all 18 counties compete along with Scotland, the Netherlands and an ECB Recreational XI in three groups of seven, with four teams advancing to the semi-finals.
According to reports, her father Charles Clydesdale and mother Ina Weir are travelling to Spain in a bid to find out more about their daughter's death.
GLAMORGAN'S Clydesdale Bank 40 Group B clash with Scotland at Bothwell Castle was abandoned after just 6.
He wrote, "Budweiser's new Clydesdale commercial made my wife cry.
Gareth Jones, Richard Wallace, Yorkshire and Clydesdale Banks; Steve Cram; Andy Jones, Haines Watts; Mandeep Rajput, Yorkshire and Clydesdale Banks.
Brito may knash his teeth every time he has to write a check to underwrite the A-B's Warm Springs Clydesdale Farm, but this year's Superbowl Clydesdale spot made it all worthwhile.
It seems that Destiny Church and the people reliant on it's remarkable work may have to pray for a change of heart from Clydesdale parent, NAB, as there is a real possibility that the charity may have to make further cutbacks.
Clydesdale will be reviewing all PPI complaints handled prior to August 2014 and offering redress to any customers impacted by these failings.