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bomb consisting of a canister that is dropped from a plane and that opens to release a cluster of bomblets (usually fragmentation bombs) over a wide area

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If cluster munitions, or laser-guided artillery or cruise missiles are required for that outcome, armies will use them.
Other countries heavily contaminated with unexploded cluster munitions include Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq and Syria.
Cluster munitions are deployed from either the air or ground, scattering bomblets over a wide area on the ground.
LAPFF Chairman, Kieran Quinn, said: "LAPFF supports companies in their efforts to implement responsible business practices and I am pleased to learn that our discussion helped to inform ST Engineering's decision to adopt this new position on anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions.
HRW earlier warned of the possible use of cluster munitions by Saudi Arabia, stating there was strong evidence they were used by the Saudis in their 2009 war with the Houthis.
Saudi Arabia and other coalition members -- and the supplier, the US -- are flouting the global standard that rejects cluster munitions because of their long-term threat to civilians.
Cluster munitions pose an immediate threat to civilians by scattering sub munitions or bomblets over a wide area.
Due to the danger it may pose to civilians, cluster munitions are banned in 114 countries in line with the Convention on Cluster Munitions.
Summary: The international treaty that bans cluster munitions turned four years old this month.
The international treaty banning cluster munitions is four years old this month.
The Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) is "an international treaty that addresses the unacceptable harm to civilians caused by cluster munitions, through a categorical prohibition of the weapon and a framework for action" (UNDP 2014).
Summary: Assad regime forces accused of using 'banned' type of cluster munitions not previously seen in Syria conflict.
Cluster munitions are air-dropped or ground-launched weapons that
BRUSSELS, Oct 17 (KUNA) -- Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders Wednesday expressed concern about reports regarding the use of cluster munitions by the Syrian regime in aerial bombardments.
The Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC) said it had collected pictures and footage from Syrian activists showing fragments of cluster munitions in at least two places in Syria.
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