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bomb consisting of a canister that is dropped from a plane and that opens to release a cluster of bomblets (usually fragmentation bombs) over a wide area

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In 2015, cluster bombs killed 417 people, more than a third of them children, the Cluster Munition Coalition said, adding that the actual number of casualties was likely to be much higher.
Cluster bombs are large casings containing multiple smaller submunitions, or bomblets, that when dropped from an airplane or shot through artillery or rockets scatter hundreds or thousands of miniature explosives and fragments over very large areas.
The US opposed the treaty, and instead of signing it, adopted a policy that cluster bombs should never be used in concentrated, civilian areas.
Despite WMPF's claim that it prefers not to disinvest, three companies involved in the cluster bomb trade have been dropped from the fund in the last year.
HRW researchers visited South Kordofan in the first week of April and found evidence of six cluster bombs, including remnants of the weapons, including sub munitions, apparently dropped by government aircraft on villages in Delami and Um Durein counties.
Hussein Ali Kowayes, 48, was wounded in the explosion while the team was removing cluster bombs from a field in Ayta al-Jabal.
Cluster bombs are inhumane weapons which all countries should abolish as soon as possible.
Other countries around the world that have joined the treaty are showing a strong commitment to get rid of cluster bombs once and for all," added Wareham, who is advocacy director of the organisation's Arms Division.
A delegation of the 36 states held a seminar on Friday in Togo's capital Lome, where they expressed their opposition to the global use of cluster bombs and their effects.
Assad forces do not hesitate to use the cluster bombs, which are banned by international law, on Syrian civilians.
NNA - 15/10/2012 - Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergi Lavrov denied news published by "Human Rights Watch" organization that the Syrian forces used Russian made cluster bombs against Syrian opposition.
BANNED cluster bombs appear to have been used by Syrian government forces.
ULSTER Bank's parent company was yesterday accused of investing in defence firms that produce cluster bombs.
MADRID, July 04, 2011 (Frontier Star): An explosion at an arms factory in central Spain used mainly to dismantle cluster bombs killed one person Saturday and wounded four others, one of them seriously, an official said.
Cluster bombs are in the news again, thanks to a recent report from Amnesty International.