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a painful recurring headache associated with the release of histamine from cells

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Cluster headaches are usually relieved by prescription drugs such as verapamil, lithium carbonate, indomethacin (Indocin), and ergotamine (in combination with verapamil) is reputed to be effective, but not to be used by patients at risk for cardiovascular disease.
SUMAVEL DosePro is the first and only needle-free delivery system for subcutaneous sumatriptan for the treatment of acute migraine and cluster headache.
These results reinforce our confidence in the potential of this medicine to be a significant option for the preventive treatment of debilitating headache disorders like migraine and cluster headache.
The attendees heard that a large scale randomized clinical trial of the gammaCore therapy in chronic cluster headache not only significantly reduced the number of cluster headache attacks beyond the best available standard of care, but also that patients experienced a greater reduction in number of attacks the longer they stayed on treatment.
Episodic cluster headaches occur in phases for weeks or months separated by long remissions.
This isn't true for everyone though," says Helen Williams, president, Organisation for the Understanding of Cluster Headaches, US.
BEST OF FRIENDS: Julia Marsh-Pitt says her dog Alfie has helped keep her motivated despite her daily battle with painful cluster headaches PICTURES: TONY HALL www.
4) Cluster headaches may develop secondary to autonomic activation of the trigeminal vascular and cranial parasympathetic pathways.
A NEW charity has been set up offering support and advice for the sufferers of cluster headaches - a rare condition which concentrates severe pain to the eye and side of the face.
Primary headaches, which are an actual clinical condition and not a symptom of or caused by another disorder, include migraines and tension and cluster headaches.
How do you get a handle on cluster headaches or curb cholesterol levels?
Cluster headaches become inconsistent from episode to episode.
Researchers described this peppery paradox, along with several other novel strategies for treating cluster headaches, at last week's Fifth International Headache Congress in Washington, D.