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a painful recurring headache associated with the release of histamine from cells

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The mechanism by which steroid injections mitigate cluster headaches is not yet known.
In cluster headaches, the temporalis muscle seems to be involved.
Elizabeth Leroux and her associates surveyed 115 male and 24 female patients presenting with cluster headaches at the Emergency Headache Center in Paris and the Headache Clinic in Marseille, France.
Factors that contribute to a higher risk of cluster headaches include genetics (about 20 percent of cluster headache sufferers have a family history of the condition), current or previous tobacco use, and taking nitroglycerin, a medication used to treat heart disease.
All the required medicines are available to treat migraines and cluster headaches but the issue is of its identification and diagnosis.
Tepper is particularly excited about the Pulsante device, an implantable, wireless sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) stimulator manufactured by Autonomic Technologies, which he called "a dramatic change in paradigm," for the treatment of cluster headaches.
A Cluster headaches are so-called because they typically manifest in bouts of headaches that occur on a daily basis, at the same time of the day or night.
WASHINGTON--An implantable device that stimulates the sphenopalatine ganglion nerve bundle either reduced or eliminated pain in 68% of more than 5,000 cluster headaches, a 3-year study has determined.
Using Susan Sontag's notion of "illness as metaphor" (the title of Sontag's 1978 book), Kempner writes that migraine--with its symptoms of weakness, unpredictability, oversensitivity, and retreat from the world--has been belittled as feminine, while cluster headaches have been elevated as "essentially masculine.
The actor was given the prescription after seeing his doctor about painful cluster headaches.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Did you know that while most people celebrate the start of Summer on June 21, nearly 1 million Americans are facing the debilitating pain of cluster headaches due to Earth's shift towards the sun?
A 62-year-old man started experiencing cluster headaches at 40 years of age.
The cause of cluster headaches has not yet been identified.
Q My wife suffers terribly from frequent cluster headaches.