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tergisus, mooneye 16 Anguillidae Anguilla rostrata, American eel Clupeidae Alosa chrysochloris, skipjack herring Dorosoma cepedianum, gizzard shad 3648 267 319 D.
1984) Fishing Area Family Atlantic Ocean Hemiramphidae Hemiramphidae Belonidae Excoetidae Balistidae Carangidae Clupeidae Hemiramphidae Kyphosidae Labridae Florida Bay Hemiramphidae Hemiramphidae Belonidae Clupeidae Sparidae Belonidae Hemiramphidae Carangidae Gerreidae Haemulidae Ostraciidae Sphyraenidae Tetradontidae Fishing area Common name Atlantic Ocean Ballyhoo Balao Needlefishes Flyingfishes Leatherjackets Jacks Herrings Smallwing flyingfish Sea chubs Wrasses Florida Bay Ballyhoo Silverstripe halfbreak Herrings Porgies Needlefishes Hardhead halfbreak Jacks Mojarras Grunts Boxfishes Barracudas Puffers Fishing area Frequency n Percentage Atlantic Ocean 185 15,280 70.
3 tridentata) Herring, shad, sardine: family Clupeidae Unidentified clupeid 18.
coastal waters, herrings of the family Clupeidae are among the most sought-after fishes for their roe.
These included 10 families, with I species each of Lepisosteidae, Clupeidae, Poeciliidae, Atherinidae, Cottidae; 2 species of Ictaluridae; 4 species of Percidae; 6 species of Catostomidae; 9 species of Centrarchidae; and 13 species of Cyprinidae.
American shad (Alosa sapidissima), the largest member of the family Clupeidae, is a euryhaline, anadromous fish native to the east coast of North America, where it ranges from Florida to the Bay of Fundy.
tergisus LeSueur, mooneye W, S Order Anguilliformes (eels) Family Anguillidae (eel) Anguilla rostrata (LeSueur), W, S American eel Order Clupeiformes (herring, shad) Family Clupeidae (herring) Alosa chrysochloris W, S (Rafinesque), skipjack herring A.
Among the 37 families, Carangidae had more than 10 species, Sciaenidae had seven species, Clupeidae, Engraulidae, and Leiognathidae each had four species, and Lutjanidae and Pomadasyidae each had two species.
Common name Family North coast (NC) thresher shark Alopiidae wolf-eel Anarhichadidae sablefish Anoplopomatidae jacksmelt Atherinidae plainfin midshipman Batrachoididae speckled sanddab Bothidae jack mackerel Carangidae blue shark Carcharhinidae medusafish Centrolophidae Pacific sardine Clupeidae Pacific herring Clupeidae Pac.
platostomus, 1-6, 9, 11, 26 shortnose gar Amiidae Amia calva, bowfin 1, 2, 7 Anguillidae Anguilla rostrata, Curry and American eel Spacie (1978) Clupeidae Alosa chrysochloris, 2, 4, 7, 10 skipjack herring Dorosoma cepedianum, 1-11, 46, 48, 49, gizzard shad 51, 52, 62, 67 D.
A comparison of larval feeding habits among striped bass, white perch and Clupeidae in the Potomac Estuary.
By 1976, these other species, comprising mainly Clupeidae, Caesionidae, Atherinidae, and Carangidae, had risen to 10 percent of the catch and continued rising to 30 percent by 1981 (Table 4).
Several families were well represented with numerous species or genera, including Ophichthidae (11 identified species), Sciaenidae (9 species), Carangidae (7 species), Myctophidae (6 genera), Paralichthyidae (5 genera), and Clupeidae (5 species).
Microsatellite DNA markers for American shad (Alosa sapidissima) and cross-species amplification within the family Clupeidae.