clumber spaniel

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a thickset spaniel with longish silky hair


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Both Karen and Malcolm were under the strange delusion that Samoyeds weren't half as fab as the Clumber Spaniel.
He had his seven fine Clumber spaniels with us and we went into the Slopes, with such a funny old Gamekeeper, Walters, in order that I should see how the dogs found out their game.
IF THERE IS a person who can look a Clumber spaniel in the face and not fall instantly in love, that person also considers watching old ladies slip and fall on the ice as the epitome of humor.
Pheasant Fest, which will be held in Omaha in 2011, gathers hundreds of exhibitors, ranging from someone selling tractors to someone selling Clumber spaniels.
The people who hunt with Clumber spaniels would agree with the tortoise's assessment.