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a spot that is open late at night and that provides entertainment (as singers or dancers) as well as dancing and food and drink

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The culmination of his prolific career as a photographer and an exploration of the many characters he has met in the Berlin club scene are presented in his latest endeavor.
Glasgow is an incredible place and has a great club scene, the people are very knowledgeable and it's always a lot of fun.
Since then, the night has inspired and influenced the city's club scene, with great parties being held in non-commercial spaces.
Big Brummie is right about the club scene in Liverpool, it was pure magic and Big John was top draw.
The magazine put the city's improved standing due to the city's strong club scene and the fact "Geordies like a run almost as much as a chat".
allows this night club to be the biggest and most popular club scene.
Since Stonewall, gay life has been strongly rooted in sex: queer sexual freedom, the bar and club scene, sexual experimentation, love of the body.
Donna Sissons, aged 18, won the gents' club scene category with a red and orange hair-do.
The teens' age allows them entree into the city's club scene, where, in stolen makeup and borrowed party clothes, they mingle with upper middle class suburban kids looking for thrills.
The club scene with its "total experience" setting provided a perfect backdrop.
Studio at Chester-le-Street is a fairly new addition to the North-East club scene, so we are impressed that it has been acknowledged by Beda, the leading authority for UK pubs and clubs, so quickly.
Popular films like Monsoon Wedding and Bend It Like Beckham, as well as the increased presence of bhangra in the club scene, have raised awareness of the dance and the music.
Almost more surprisingly, the area has emerged as an alternate restaurant destination in the evenings and a diverse bar and club scene into the early hours of the morning.
Mourad Mazouz, who pioneered the Arab club scene in London with his "Momo's Resto", is a welcome guest on Edgware Road.