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a spot that is open late at night and that provides entertainment (as singers or dancers) as well as dancing and food and drink

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It must have been around 2001 or 2002, I got to a point when I was really tired and really fed up with the club scene so I decided to take a break from DJing and producing music.
I did the fitting with my young 'apprentice' Tommy Syrnes, who became a top DJ in the club scene years later.
Promoters Adam Shelton & Lee McDonald set up Below at The Rainbow on Sundays eight years ago, booking some of the most prolific underground artists on the club scene.
Mickey - a well-known face on the Glasgow club scene - was diagnosed with liver and lymphatic cancer late last year.
Taylor can lay fair claim to inventing the alternative club scene in Cardiff.
But not to worry, the next generation is only just discovering the joys of the club scene.
If we don't have a good strong club scene we won't have a strong county scene.
The agency will be headed by Tessa Gee, whose experience of working in the UK dance music and club scene at VF1 Publicity in Wolverhampton has built the platform from which 3DPR will launch.
SORTED: JASON Donovan as a transvestite customs man is one of the quirkier sights in Sorted, a thriller set in London's club scene written and directed by ex DJ Alex Jovy.
The space, a short walk from courtside on the event level of the TD Banknorth Garden, takes its cues from the contemporary club scene while integrating a unique Celtics look and feel.
Organiser Tez Walker said winning the accolade would be a massive boost for the town's club scene.
The aim at Illamsqua is to champion anyone wanting to accentuate their look through make-up with a mix of influences like the dark and illicit 1920s Berlin club scene and input from a team of leading chemists and manufacturers of stage and screen make-up.
LAST week was a sad time for the Scottish club scene as young DJ talent Barry Connell died aged just 24.
In interviews over the years, Beck has good-naturedly put up with exasperating questioning from this guitar-playing reporter on subjects ranging from what size his low E string is to his exact memories of filming the famous club scene with the Yardbirds in Michelangelo Antonioni's 1966 mod- London classic, ``Blow-Up.
A TRANQUILLISER whose popularity is rocketing in the underground club scene is to be made illegal, it was announced today.