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congenital deformity of the foot usually marked by a curled shape or twisted position of the ankle and heel and toes

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Number of Hands on Workshops have been arranged in his supervision for training of postgraduate students, he said and added that in order to create awareness among the public about the treatment/follow up of Club foot through Ponseti Technique, its material has been published in Urdu and Sindhi so that the deformed foot can be treated at an early stage with lowest cost.
Despite the disability of a club foot, Smith was determined to compete at the highest level in bobsleigh, and had g g progressed to become a brakeman in the British four-man bob.
What level of achievement might we expect from Rebellious Spirit, given the efforts of fellow club foots through history?
Tut was afflicted with a cleft palate, mild club foot in his left foot and other bone ailments.
Early hit Club Foot signalled a superb finale while a great encore included Vlad The Impaler and a terrific LSF.
Touching off from clues in "Toshie's" works, interviews with friends, and previous scholarship, the text describes the artist--born with Asperger's syndrome and a club foot that left him with a life-long limp--as an athletic and quiet child in Glasgow who went on to design looming fortresses in the Scottish landscape and to gain a reputation as a masterful watercolorist, a mischievous charmer, and later a tragic self-destructor.
A study recently published in The Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal evaluated more than 1,000 cases of newborns with multiple anomalies to distinguish between cleft lip and/or palate and to determine their associations with other congenital anomalies, like club foot, ear defects, coronary heart disease and anencephaly, which is disrupted formation of the brain and skull.
Manila: Jingle Luis, a 15 year old Filipina who suffered from an overly twisted club foot since birth, started learning how to walk flat on her soles after doctors removed the casts off her feet.
The fourth edition eliminates some procedures and adds cast treatment of congenital club foot, opening wedge osteotomy for angular deformities of long bones, and anterior strut graft for kyphosis.
This entrancing film has been lovingly restored by the UCLA Film and Television Archive, which also commissioned a score performed by members of Gamelan Sekar Jaya and the Club Foot Orchestra.
Born in Newfoundland, weighing two pounds and with a club foot, he is determined to be a fisherman like his father.
I remember being brought to a doctor in Dublin because I had a club foot, and he remarked how cold I was.
One Step at a Time tells the story of the author's daughter, Camille, a child who was born with hip dysplasia and a club foot.
The clinic's volunteer doctors, translators and aides treat impoverished, disabled children from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Iran, Africa, Russia, Romania, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru for spina bifida, polio, club foot, scoliosis and other debilitating diseases and orthopaedic injuries.
A MUM has taken inspiration from watching her son grow up with club foot to pen a bedtime story for little ones like him.
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