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an interchange that does not require left-hand turns

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In addition, accretion income associated with the First Clover Leaf acquisition helped drive the margin higher.
First Clover Leaf Bank affords me the freedom to design custom financing packages specifically for my clients' business needs, as opposed to putting them into a standard set of products.
It shoots a three-shot clover leaf at 100 yards off a lead sled.
Yadira Holandes-Vlazquez, who works for a cab firm in Montauk, said she received a phone call for a taxi to be sent to 1 Clover Leaf Lane in East Hampton from someone who was "agitated and definitely under stress".
The Toxic is a six-bladed head that uses coring action to produce a large, devastating wound channel in the shape of a clover leaf or biohazard symbol, giving rise to the "Toxic" name.
There were 36 patients with proximal humerus fracture who were treated with clover leaf LCP.
The small, young three-part clover leaf is often called a shamrock, which is a symbol of Ireland.
Most recently he served as executive vice president and chief operations officer at First Clover Leaf Bank in Edwardsville.
Rachel Case, spokeswoman for First Clover Leaf Bank, who organized the scavenger hunt, was touched by Wyatt's generosity.
The Universal Dolly has four swivel braked castors, clover leaf recesses to stack safely when empty, a clip-on handle, a unique flip-out extension for carrying nested ALCs and clearance for fork-lifting on or off delivery vehicles.
The angel wing earrings and a matching pendant as well as a cute clover leaf pendant with inlaid Swarovski crystals also feature within the range.
It features a swimming pool in the shape of a clover leaf, pounds 200,000 oak skirting boards and even a high capacity Champagne cooler.
The construction of grade separation facility at ZPI consists of total 19 major structures, including bridges, overhead structures and underpasses with road widening on three major highways namely Islamabad Highway, Kashmir Highway and Shahrah-e-Suhrawardy with loops and slip roads in clover leaf configuration.
Also rolling out is an 8-count size of Sister Schubert's Clover Leaf Style Dinner Rolls.
The family buried Noah in the Clover Leaf Memorial Garden of Winfield Cemetery, in Butlin Road, Rugby, on Tuesday .