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Because of the amplifying nature of the clotting cascade, a single molecule of factor Xa is able to generate more than 1 000 molecules of thrombin.
In addition to water absorption, which concentrates clotting factors, the granules have negative electrostatic charges that activate the intrinsic clotting cascade and accelerate the blood-clotting process.
Cases of deep vein thrombosis have also been reported in athletes with protein C deficiency (protein C degrades Factor V in the clotting cascade, thereby preventing activation of thrombin and clot formation) (20).
Whether for the clotting cascade, sex determination pathways, or any of a number of other complex biochemical systems, evolutionary biologists are able to devise plausible methods for how such systems evolved.
Heparin as a polysaccharide that accelerates the inactivation of thrombin (an enzyme that promotes clotting) and EDTA chelates calcium ions and interrupts the clotting cascade at multiple points.
3) As a consequence, fibrin formation by the clotting cascade, a necessary requisite for blood-clot formation, is prevented.
DB=gk_current, select "Hemostasis" from the matrix of 23 pathways to view the amazing clotting cascade.
Recent studies point to an association between depression and several defects in the clotting cascade.