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the Greek goddess of fate who spins the thread of life


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In Pindar's nobler and allegedly prior myth, the god Poseidon rapes Pelops after he is produced, for no clear reason at all, complete with ivory shoulder, by Clotho, from a cauldron at Tantalus' banquet.
Again, we find hopes for a Golden Age under the young Nero, and when Mercury begs Clotho to let Claudius die, so that a better emperor can take his place, the god quotes Virgil, talking about the king bees: Dede neci, melior vacua sine regnet in aula.
When Iphigenia tells Ignatius the story of Lachesis, Clotho, and Atropos to explain the importance of spinning, she prefaces their names and respective tasks in ensuring each soul's destiny with, "Some say they are the trinity, not separate but three faces of the one" (Lambs 152).
Thanks are extended to the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning at Elon University for supporting this project, and to Greg Haenel, Marianela Rodriguez, Sophia Clotho, and anonymous reviewers for their thoughtful comments on this manuscript.
Portia cannot be a temptress spider who weaves webs of doom; she is not one of the Moerae like Clotho the spinner of fate or Atropos who cuts the thread (or the hair); she cannot be the wig maker whose recycled art preys on the gold hair of the dead.
In Horrelpoot, these three, known by the Greeks as Clotho (the spinner), Lachesis (the apportioner) and Atropos (the inevitable) would be represented by Heleen, Jocelyn and Mildred, the three females who steer Marlouw's journey to individuation.
They are Lachesis, Clotho, and Atropos; and they sing [hymnein] to the harmonia of the Sirens .
24 Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos were, in Greek myth, the Three.
Late last year, Clotho Corp, New York, NY, brought probiotic skin care to the U.
The line is distributed in the United States by Clotho Corp.
Improba laethali damnet si stamine Clotho, Et celeres rumpat Parca severa dies:
They're called the three Fates: The Clotho, The Lachesis and The Atropos, named after the Greek mythology.
Clotho, he says, had spun out the life-thread of Dido, "la regina del Nilo," with her distaff.
The Parcae also appear in the contemporary poetry of Jude Stefan, and the comic strip Clotho by Jacques Bonodot and Gerard Dewamme.