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garments or white goods that can be cleaned by laundering

workplace where clothes are washed and ironed

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However, the intent to buy two large household appliances -- refrigerators and clothes washing machines -- changed little among rural residents.
A secure bike storage area with a bike wash and clothes washing and drying facilities on site will be included in the accommodation.
Do your clothes washing on a lower temperature and avoid using a tumble dryer whenever possible.
The two new models, the standard NA-14VA1 and the premium NA-16VX1 features 3D Sensor Wash, a drum rotation speed control system with 3D acceleration sensors to ensure high performance clothes washing, and Inverter technology which assists in lowering sensory noise and vibration.
The administration staff, residing inside the compound, should outsource the clothes washing operation to a third party or they should ensure that they provide the resident workers with laundry services in accordance with pre-scheduled timeline and under the supervision of a specific person for this task.
Used in clothes washing to kill off unwanted insect life, hence lavender bags in clothes drawers.
Clothes washing accounts for about 15 per cent of the water that we use in our homes.
Light housework, such as vacuuming and clothes washing, was regarded as moderate activity, while heavy housework, such as scrubbing floors, or "fast dancing" was regarded as vigorous activity.
I didn't try many of the clothes washing recipes, apart from one for white washes.
1930: Unveils its first electric clothes washing machine.
It was also decided that laundry would be sent out; the small, residential laundry area is only used for the convenience of residents who wish to do some personal clothes washing and drying.
Most apartment buildings in the New York metropolitan area provide basement space for clothes washing and drying facilities.
Few would begrudge anyone the simple advantages of cold food storage or mechanized clothes washing.
The deal between University and the water company would assure both water supplies set up on the 150-hectare site one which recycles rain and surface water to use for flushing toilets, clothes washing and garden watering, and another supplying high quality treated water for drinking, cooking and bathing.
As we trawl back through time we discover that modern methods of domestic clothes washing have changed greatly over the last 50 years, but industrial washing has changed much less.