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a cord on which clothes are hung to dry

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German initially submitted information about the New Age Clothes Line to Innovation Direct[TM] in October 2012 on the company's Confidential Product Outline.
German opted to contract Innovation Direct[TM] to represent the New Age Clothes Line to potential licensees for a 2 year period under the terms of the Product Management Services Agreement.
A Conwy council spokeswoman said: "Now that most of the refurbishment work on Conwy Quay has been completed, we are happy to agree to the residents' request for the communal clothes line to be reinstated.
People in these houses were fighting to keep their clothes lines on the quay then.
I suggest you make a colour brochure showing the Hookle in application and send a few samples to the buyers in DIY stores or manufacturers of things such as clothes lines and clothes pegs.
Robert Gresham operates his business, Clothes Line, in Nashville, Tennessee.
People in the north said a clothes line was their top priority.
The next most important purchases are clothes lines, a money changer (currency converter) and mosquito spray.
In general, the various fittings for displaying clothes line the peripheries of the shop, in places they zigzag origami fashion so that the sides form reflective plates.
Cables are not clothes lines or a place to hang equipment out of your way.