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Words related to ironing

garments (clothes or linens) that are to be (or have been) ironed

the work of using heat to smooth washed clothes in order to remove any wrinkles

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Campbell said a suspicious package that prompted officials to evacuate Underground Atlanta, a downtown shopping mall, for several hours turned out to be a clothes iron with a thermostat control.
The original chili kits, assembled by a team of women, were wrapped up in cellophane and sealed with a clothes iron.
Al Sherawi and his 27-year-old lover Al Anood Mohammad Al Ameri are accused of pouring boiling water over the girls and burning them with a clothes iron, as well as beating them.
WORCESTER - A New York man was ordered held without bail yesterday on charges of raping, kidnapping and beating his girlfriend, a 32-year-old Gardner woman, and assaulting her with dangerous weapons that included a knife, screwdriver, scissors and a clothes iron.
Dedicated workers Zara Burnett and Yvonne Watt had to spend hours pressing more than 1000 payslips shut with a clothes iron on an ironing board.
Though the market has taken its toll on at least one vendor; Norelco has exited the clothes iron category; the company had competed in the mid to upper price point segments.
Prosecutors claim the defendants poured boiling water on the girls and burned them with a clothes iron.
Molina raped her with a knife, cut her body with scissors, pulled at her tongue with a pair of pliers, and burned her with a clothes iron and cigarettes.
lSMASHED Reilly over the head with a clothes iron and dragged her downstairs by the hair after she asked him to stop spending all their money on drugs;
Don't miss the Gold Rush-era clothes irons at Alicia's - cast-iron beasts that were heated on top of a wood-burning stove.
IN the wrong hands, anything from clothes irons to golf irons can seem threatening but it takes two of Scotland's rising comic stars to make the nation's favourite teacake look truly menacing.
CHICAGO-As part of what appears to be a significant increase in the buzz surrounding laundry care at this year's Housewares Show, Krups is introducing a line of clothes irons at their booth.
Recent examples of this strategy include several new models of clothes irons bearing the Faultless Starch(R) brand name, time pieces bearing the Timex(R) brand name, and a selection of kitchen appliances bearing the Gear(R) brand name.
NYSE: TM) has announced an agreement with the Faultless Starch/Bon Ami Company to use the Faultless name on clothes irons.