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Synonyms for clotheshorse

a framework on which to hang clothes (as for drying)

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a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance

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I remember our old fashioned wooden clothes horse was also easily adapted, by draping a sheet over it, into a children's den or cave or wigwam.
I'd like to buy a clothes horse similar to the wooden one my mother used to have but all I can find are white plastic ones.
Then father''s coming soon, the clothes horse has to go, He doesn''t like wet clothes around, but there''s nowhere else to go.
Danielle Morgan, 18, from Buckley, was playing around in a friend's room when she fell off the bed and the clothes horse dropped on her head.
Brands endorsed: Nike, American Express, car company Buick, consultancy firm Accenture, Gillette, Tag Heuer, Gatorade David Beckham Good-looking, fashionable and married to a walking clothes horse, Beckham is the marketing guru's dream - despite one or two high-profile gaffes like shaving his head during a stint as the poster boy for gel brand Brylcreem.
Just dig out blankets, cushions, sheets and use chairs, clothes horse, washing lines to make great hidey holes.
The North London clothes horse is being increasingly more vacuous with every passing day - if that's humanly possible.
Ann Hathaway, 3446 Lakeside Drive, Eugene, formerly doing business as The Clothes Horse, filed chapter 7 personal bankruptcy.
Cecil once was one until, finally, he opened the Clothes Horse in Newmarket, then ordered the assistants to one side and fitted the clothes himself.
He built the quirky craft out of an old door, a clothes horse and three polystyrene body boards lashed together with a clothes line.
I am a bit of a clothes horse and it's great to wear cool stuff.
She is also the best clothes horse the White House has had since Jackie O.
As for that wife - who the media have painted as an empty-headed clothes horse who has to have a limousine to protect her hair-do - she came across as wise, warm and with two feet planted firmly on the ground.
IAN POULTER knows he could transformed from golf's most famous clothes horse into a genuine thoroughbred.