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Synonyms for diaper

Synonyms for diaper

garment consisting of a folded cloth drawn up between the legs and fastened at the waist


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a fabric (usually cotton or linen) with a distinctive woven pattern of small repeated figures

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The global baby diapers market can be segmented into five: disposable diaper, training diaper, cloth diaper, baby swim pants, and biodegradable diapers.
In the second group of 19-month-olds, only four fell while naked or wearing disposables, while eight fell when wearing cloth diapers.
Fueled by parents' concerns about the environmental impact of disposable diapers, the potential cost savings, and other factors, cloth diapers have been making a comeback.
This typically requires 36-60 cloth diapers from birth to potty training, adding roughly 14 kilograms of cotton to landfill waste (which should biodegrade within six months).
A great deal has been learned since Hank Brandli turned to the heavy cloth diapers available in the 1960s.
Are cloth diapers more environmentally friendly than disposable ones?
Nonetheless, reusable cloth diapers -- the environmentally preferred alternative -- may be on their last legs (and bottoms).
The study tied the bacteria to underwear, washcloths, sponges and cloth diapers washed in the machines.
For example, the company may pay for disposable diapers only, rather than cloth diapers, or it may require a doctor's letter explaining how the diapers are related to the treatment of a specific medical condition.
The service--enormously important--helps save the environment by providing ecologically sensitive parents with all-natural cloth diapers, so they can avoid using plastic products that cram urban landfills to overflowing and ultimately contribute to the destruction of the ecosystem, the landfills, and, for all I know, the ravaging of the Amazon Rain Forest and the vast grazing plains of central Africa.
compared all costs associated with disposable diapers against those for cloth diapers.
Most daycare providers and laundromats do not accept cloth diapers.
Since using cloth diapers saves between $60-$100 a month our program frees up that money for families to put towards other essentials such as utilities.
The rumors are being perpetuated by a small number of parents, some of whom are unhappy that we replaced our older Cruisers and Swaddlers products, while others support competitive products and the use of cloth diapers.
But Hatch wanted to use cloth diapers as the greener choice, and so she pulled off at an exit, hustled the screaming baby into a fast-food restaurant bathroom, swapped out the soiled diaper for a clean one and dropped the dirty one into a waterproof fabric bag she'd brought with her.