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the process of breaking up and dissolving blood clots

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The new treatment combines minimally invasive surgery, a brain imaging technique and a clot-busting drug 't-PA', according to a multi-centre clinical trial led by Johns Hopkins researchers.
The standard treatment at present is the administration of clot-busting drugs to dissolve the clot.
Medical professionals recommend victims receive treatment within the first "golden" hour and Nice (National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence) guidelines say the clot-busting injection should be given within four and a half hours of the attack.
In adults, the clot-busting drugs can reduce disability if given within a few hours after stroke symptoms begin.
The original service at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital was expanded so more patients could benefit from a clot-busting wonder drug.
People who have had a common kind of heart attack should get artery-clearing angioplasty within six hours after taking clot-busting drugs to prevent more damage, a study found.
Currently the most common treatment for heart attacks is thrombolysis, the injection of clot-busting drugs, but angioplasty is now considered a more effective alternative.
Prof Des O'Neill said just one in a 100 patients struck by the heart condition get offered the clot-busting medicines.
A simple clot-busting drug, if applied early enough, would save many of the lives we lose.
Now, advances in computer technology are helping expedite the delivery of clot-busting drugs to treat stroke patients in rural areas of Georgia.
Most studies haven't found a benefit to using a combination of clot-busting drugs and angioplasty.
Delay in recognizing symptoms and going to the hospital impact the ability to provide lifesaving treatments such as clot-busting drugs.
Fortunately, clot-busting drugs and other artery-opening treatments can stop a heart attack in its tracks.
But that was before we had a platelet inhibitor to add to the clot-busting drugs," Ohman points out.
There were no bleeding complications in patients who received a lower dose of clot-busting drugs.