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the process of breaking up and dissolving blood clots

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This means that many patients from the North East will get an opportunity to have access to the very latest interventions under trial, including newer and potentially more-effective clot busting medications, stenting-assisted clot removal from brain bloodvessels and ground breaking stem cell treatment.
This can be achieved either by clot busting drugs (thrombolysis) which can be given in all hospitals or in the ambulance, or by undergoing a procedure called an angioplasty which is only available in those specialist centres.
Although clot busting drugs, known as thrombolytics, are effective, in some cases continued platelet activity causes new clots to form as the existing clot is being dissolved, or shortly thereafter.
A heart attack is caused by a blood clot blocking one of the coronary arteries or its branches and the clot busting drug dissolves the blockage, re-establishing the blood flow to the heart muscle.
It will allow us to start clot busting treatment within one hour of symptoms, in the 'golden hour'.
Less than one-in-four heart attack victims received clot busting drugs within an hour of calling for professional help (call-to-needle time) - the target is 48%.
neurologist and medical director of the Stroke Center of the Mid America Brain and Stroke Institute, said, "Until now, our only treatments for stroke reversal have been the clot busting drugs like tPA.
president and chief executive officer of ImaRx Therapeutics, said, "We believe our portfolio of clot busting product candidates has the potential to dramatically improve the treatment and outlook of stroke victims and those suffering from occluded catheters and peripheral vascular disease.
We know that the earlier we give clot busting drugs after stroke the more likely the patient will make a full recovery and return home.