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Synonyms for cloture

a rule for limiting or ending debate in a deliberative body

terminate debate by calling for a vote


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By 2010 the estimated 90th percentile values appear less than 10 MPN/100 mL, indicating the potential for relaxing the closure rule, depending on bay circumstances not apparent in our study.
Third, the 1999 revolution in the use of the closure rule (through a motion dictating how a bill will pass through every stage) has made its use even more debatable.
The importance of a closure rule is widely recognized now, but it was not as well understood twenty years ago.
Fries, Mella-Barral, and Perraudin (1997), by assuming a constant interest rate and return on banks' assets, analyzed a series of closure rules and bailout policies to show that under certain conditions, postponing closures is desirable.
The United States has recently introduced clearly specified rules for prompt corrective action (PCA) by regulators on financially troubled banks, including a clear legal closure rule when a bank's equity declines to 2 per cent of its assets and instructions to regulators to resolve the bank at least long-run cost to the insurance fund.
This can be accomplished by instituting a closure rule if the bid-ask spread (or the price move) is higher than some threshold.
Next to allow a direct comparison of the present CGE model with a simple SAM-based multiplier model using the same data SAM (Dhanani 1987), the decrease in remittances was simulated under an alternative closure rule whereby no restriction applied to the quantity of either capital or labour, both assumed to be available at fixed rental and wage rates respectively (simulation 21).
The rainfall closure rule for conditionally approved shellfish growing areas is as follows:
After noting that the purpose of the closure rule was to provide governments with a procedural device to bring debate on a question to a close and that it had only been invoked seven times in the province's history, he found that it was properly applied in the present circumstances.
Most bankers and regulators vigorously fought first against enactment, particularly because of the mandatory nature of some of the sanctions and the closure rule, and then after enactment for repeal of a number of important, provisions, if not the entire act.
Differences in supervisory and resolution policies also depend upon how strict prudential sanctions are and how the closure rule is structured and enforced.
The responses submitted online by the taxpayers will be processed and if the response and other information are found satisfactory as per automated closure rules, the issue will be treated as closed.
Under the closure rules, the vast majority of Gaza residents cannot travel outside the area or export goods, though Israel permits imports of consumer goods to the territory.
Another example has to do with the combined use of omnibus bills, and of the power to curtail debate in the legislature by invoking closure rules.