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Synonyms for cloture

a rule for limiting or ending debate in a deliberative body

terminate debate by calling for a vote


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By 2010 the estimated 90th percentile values appear less than 10 MPN/100 mL, indicating the potential for relaxing the closure rule, depending on bay circumstances not apparent in our study.
Third, the 1999 revolution in the use of the closure rule (through a motion dictating how a bill will pass through every stage) has made its use even more debatable.
The importance of a closure rule is widely recognized now, but it was not as well understood twenty years ago.
Fries, Mella-Barral, and Perraudin (1997), by assuming a constant interest rate and return on banks' assets, analyzed a series of closure rules and bailout policies to show that under certain conditions, postponing closures is desirable.
The comparison of the results of exercises under two different sets of closure rules, as Dhanani has done, does not resolve the issue about which closure rule is best.
If any data points fall within the false-negative zone, the rainfall closure rule should be tightened to remove these false negatives.
In other countries, excessive attention to Basel has reduced the focus on developing meaningful PCA-type provisions to turn troubled institutions around before insolvency and to resolve them quickly and at least cost when they decline through the minimum capital ratio specified in the closure rule.
Differences in supervisory and resolution policies also depend upon how strict prudential sanctions are and how the closure rule is structured and enforced.
The responses submitted online by the taxpayers will be processed and if the response and other information are found satisfactory as per automated closure rules, the issue will be treated as closed.
Under the closure rules, the vast majority of Gaza residents cannot travel outside the area or export goods, though Israel permits imports of consumer goods to the territory.
Another example has to do with the combined use of omnibus bills, and of the power to curtail debate in the legislature by invoking closure rules.
During the 2013 legislative session, the strengthened closure rules were a selling point for lawmakers who had otherwise opposed legislation that expanded the number of charter contracts the state can award.
BRUSSELS, June 22 (KUNA) -- EU finance ministers early on Saturday broke up their 18-hour meeting without an agreement on bank closure rules.
With climate change, maybe the DCR should re-examine some old closure rules that appear to many rather arbitrary today.