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spindle-shaped bacterial cell especially one swollen at the center by an endospore

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In fact, among six significantly perturbed Firmicutes families, one Firmicutes family significantly increased in abundance after arsenic exposure--p_Firmicutes; c_Clostridia;o_Clostridiales;f_ Clostridiales Family XIII Incertae Sedis, B8 in Figure 1B, with a +2.
Relative genera could not be determined phylogenetically, though clones did group into relative families, including Bacteroidaceae (27%), Porphyromonadaceae (23%), Clostridiaceae (22%), Enterobacteriaceae (12%), Lachnospiraceae (8%), Verrucomicrobiaceae (4%), Aeromonadaceae (2%), and unknown Clostridiales (2%).
Las hembras se vacunaron contra brucelosis y todos los animales recibieron vacunacion para prevenir enfermedades clostridiales y aftosa.
isolates Actinomycetales 294 Bacillales 61 Pseudomonadales 56 Flavobacteriales 41 Burkholderiales 39 Lactobacillales 38 Enterobacteriales 33 Neisseriales 15 Pasteurellales 14 Rhizobiales 14 Clostridiales 10 Cardiobacteriales 9 Sphingomonadales 8 Caulobacterales 7 Rhodospirillales 7 Xanthomonadales 7 Fusobacteriales 6 Bacteroidales 5 Sphingobacteriales 4 Rhodocyclales 2 Desulfovibrionales 1 Micrococcineae 1 Rhodobacterales 1 Table 2.
Sequencing of bands from denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) also revealed that as yet uncultured bacteria classified as Prevotella, Anaerovoax (member of the Lachnospiraceae incertae sedis family), and unclassified Clostridiales and Ruminococcaceae may play a role in biohydrogenation (Huws et al.
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