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Synonyms for collision

Synonyms for collision

violent forcible contact between two or more things

Synonyms for collision

(physics) a brief event in which two or more bodies come together

an accident resulting from violent impact of a moving object

a conflict of opposed ideas or attitudes or goals

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Steam pressure and the rate of steam escaping from edges depends on many factors of the mat, such as porosity, resin type, closing speed, density, and MC.
For instance, if a jet and a light twin have a closing speed of about 750 miles per hour, it takes a minimum of 10 seconds for a pilot to spot traffic, identify it, realize it's a collision threat, react, and have the aircraft respond.
Closing speed and force should not be viewed subjectively.
I think the relative closing speed (between the Yamaha and the Peugeot) was probably more than 60mph, but the Peugeot was moving forwards.
One veteran recalled the high closing speed meant "You only had two seconds firing time.
But I felt I did not have the closing speed I should have had.
because of yesterday's trading sluggish due to the holiday pass without proper activity, so today, we expect it to resume growth and closing speed.
Connor has tremendous closing speed in short space," Harvard coach Tim Murphy said.
Parkview junior cornerback Eric Nathaniel should supply plenty of closing speed this fall after winning the 400 meters at the Meet of Champs with a time of 47.
Mr Cartwright said: "Only when the car pulled out he slammed on the brakes, by then the closing speed towards the door of that car was massive, unsurvivable.
Taking the worst case of both boats travelling towards each other, the closing speed would give around one-and-half minutes in the limited visibility for manoeuvres - which is quite a long time on water and ample time for such small vessels to avoid a collision.
With a closing speed of perhaps 230 knots, those 53s got real big, real fast.
Police revealed the closing speed of the impact would have been about 150 mph and said the incident could have ended in many deaths.
The effects of molecular weight, processing temperature, dwell time, press closing speed and biaxial deformation ratio on the tensile properties have been studied.
The LDW function provides an audible warning if the driver crosses over the lane markings without engaging the turn signal, while the FCW system provides a similar alert when the driver is following too close to the vehicle ahead or when closing speed is likely to cause a collision.