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An unrelated person would never pay more than a discount value for a minority interest in a closely held company.
Based in Dedham, Massachusetts, National Amusements is a closely held company operating under the third generation of leadership by the Redstone family.
a closely held company founded in 1982, owns the World Wrestling Federation franchise, which has worldwide interests in cable, syndicated and pay-per-view television programming, live events, magazine and Internet publishing, home video, merchandising and licensing.
A search for perquisites paid by a closely held company may be necessary in a divorce case to determine the real income of the parties.
In Manbelbaum, TC Memo 1995-255, three brothers owned all of the shares of a closely held company in the retail industry.
The private, closely held company also plans to build additional breweries in the future.
Selling--or buying--a closely held company is a tricky business.
UPS, a closely held company that is based in Atlanta, has 338,000 employees worldwide and Teamsters is the largest union at UPS.
Once an overall value for a closely held company is determined, the value of the actual stock interest must be determined.
The difficulty in valuing a closely held company can be compounded by the fact that many closely held companies are much smaller than their publicly traded counterparts.
In a family-held or closely held company, the dominant family member or largest shareholder may want to hold the chairman's post for monitoring reasons.