closed-circuit television

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a television system that is not used for broadcasting but is connected by cables to designated monitors (as in a factory or theater)

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In order to ensure foolproof security, initially, Pakistan Railways has already installed 10 closed-circuit cameras at Rawalpindi station and eight at Lalamusa railway stations," an official told here on Tuesday.
In the first phase Pakistan Railways has already installed 10 closed-circuit cameras at Rawalpindi and eight at Lalamusa railway stations," he added.
In addition to supporting 1,100 Cisco IP phones, 1,000 closed-circuit cameras and more than 1,500
The children aged between about 12 and 15 were caught on closed-circuit cameras as they left the number 13 on Wednesday.
Colton said Hunter had the closed-circuit cameras installed at a cost of about $5,000 as a theft deterrent, with a monitor in his office.
The companies plan to invest in closed-circuit cameras and fencing at crimhotspots and extend a school visits programme, to encourage children to stay away from railways.
Contract Awarded to Install a series of closed-circuit cameras and message boards along a recently widened segment of I-85 from south of Bruton Smith Boulevard (Exit 49) to N.
The council on Friday asked city transit planners to implement traffic- control measures at the Coliseum, including closed-circuit cameras, to help move traffic before and after games.
Apparently, those intrusive and expensive closed-circuit cameras (a.
Security staff used closed-circuit cameras to hunt down the temporary workers because they were allegedly overdue from a break.
Discovery Zone FunCenters place the safety of their customers as a top priority, employing numerous safety measures such as Kids Coaches, wristbands, closed-circuit cameras and protected exits to ensure children's safety.
All access points in the center are controlled and monitored with futuristic biometric hand scanners and closed-circuit cameras.
I think they have those closed-circuit cameras pointed in the wrong direction.
The RUN system also facilitates home security, enabling the output of closed-circuit cameras to be viewed on any TV.
Warwick District Council has advertised for a new amenities manager, who will take control of car parks and car parking issues, public conveniences, closed-circuit cameras and the town centre managers.