closed-circuit television

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a television system that is not used for broadcasting but is connected by cables to designated monitors (as in a factory or theater)

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The Hong Kong Observatory has finally got its long-awaited Cray supercomputer, but the US government is insisting on strict security, including 24-hour surveillance by closed-circuit camera and access to only a handful of officers with security clearance to ensure that China does not try to use it for anything else.
This disengaged the alarm system and closed-circuit camera allowing the burglars to move about unnoticed.
Officials say the closed-circuit camera is meant to act as a deterrent and if successful the scheme could be extended throughout the county.
One of the segments that was mediated by closed-circuit camera involved his misadventures on tier two - the attempt to slip into the plastic sleeves and gloves of the bubble suit.
The otters are kept under observation via closed-circuit camera to further minimize human contact.
A day before the president went before the closed-circuit camera, Ross told the New York Times that he was "surprised and shocked that we're actually talking about this sort of thing in public as it relates to the President.
This image, recorded by a closed-circuit camera situated above the entrance, which one does not spot at first, gets smaller as one approaches it, while the lower, prerecorded image of the empty hallway remains immutable.
For the security of Chinese trade convoys, Pakistan has installed 285 high-resolution, closed-circuit cameras with night vision capability along the route.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Railways' project to install modern Closed-Circuit cameras (CCTV) to counter terrorist activities at various railway stations of Rawalpindi Division is in doldrums due to non availability of funds.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Railways would soon install modern closed-circuit cameras (CCTV) at railway stations of Sargodha and Rawalpindi to monitor important offices and platforms.
Authorities said suspected militants set fires on tires, cell towers, telephone booths, buildings and closed-circuit cameras.
The frightened employee could not identify the culprit, but closed-circuit cameras installed at the bank have captured an image of the would-be thief.
Security officials were also seen installing closed-circuit cameras and walk-through gates on M.
You can don underwear wired to alert you when you're bombarded with radio waves, carry an umbrella embedded with infrared LEDS designed to confuse closed-circuit cameras, or sip from a travel coffee mug that, when combined with similar mugs toted by trusted confederates, can establish your own off-grid Wi-Fi network.
It has now put up closed-circuit cameras at some recycling centres in a bid to catch the culprits.