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The remaining approximately 4% are closed-end leases, whereby EFM bears the residual risk.
is $15,000 by assumption for both the closed-end lease with a guaranteed buy back and for the open-end lease.
An open-end lease usually is slightly less costly than the closed-end lease.
He illustrates the value of a closed-end lease with an example of someone who leases a $20,000 car for three years with a residual value set at $10,000.
Closed-end leases are more popular because they don't require additional money at the end of the lease if the resale value of the vehicle has dropped below the original estimate of the value.
The web site also provides an overview of a closed-end lease, the most common type of vehicle lease used by the automotive industry, sample disclosure forms required in leasing transactions, and a glossary of terms used in leasing.
A recent new car sales promotion offered potential customers the choice between (1) a 66-month closed-end lease, or (2) a 60-month installment financing contract for a 1988 BMW Model 528e.
Merchants Leasing provides customers nationwide a total fleet solution, which includes its unique No Risk closed-end lease option.
They can opt for the protection of a standard closed-end lease or they can select an Equity Lease which affords them the opportunity to buy the car at lease-end at a price well below market value," says Tarry Shebesta, President of ACS.
The company's primary focus is Merchants Leasing which provides customers nationwide a total fleet solution, which includes its unique No Risk Closed-End Lease option.
It goes further to offer a unique No Risk closed-end lease option and a comprehensive choice of leasing programs and fleet solutions.
The initial contracts in the SUBI consist of 44,678 fixed-rate, closed-end lease contracts, with a weighted average lease rate of 10.