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It is in the closed syllables in NP we find some of the more conservatively pronounced vowels, whereas in most open syllables we can in fact witness the results of an earlier raising or tensing in both varieties (stage 1 in Table 13).
These generalizations indicate that for Dutch, the distinction between syllables with schwa, open syllables (ending in a tense vowel), closed syllables (ending in a lax vowel and one consonant), and super-heavy syllables (ending in a tense vowel and at least one consonant, a lax vowel and at least two consonants, or containing a diphthong) is relevant.
Examples illustrating the process we refer to below as Closed Syllable Shortening are provided in (18).
If the final closed syllable contains <<bl>> and there are other vowels in the word, the stress is on the full vowel of the syllable preceding the syllable with <<bl>>.
The present article does not deal with words containing diphthongs; (3) only words containing closed syllables will be discussed.
Why are you so sure there never was any Closed Syllable Lengthening?
glo] in (3b) suggest that the markedness constraint *COMPLEX ONSET (henceforth *CO), stated formally in (4a), must be ranked below the markedness constraint NOCODA in (4b), which penalizes closed syllables.
According to Gordon, the vowel of a closed syllable did not lengthen (cf.
lowering of this still accented [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in closed syllables to [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], a development that is confirmed, and can be dated posterior to pausal lengthening, by Blau's (1981) brilliant recognition of additional input to it (i.
Since Arabic was the native language of the Sephardic poets and provided the poetic forms on which they modeled their Hebrew poetry, and since similar metrical patterns exist in the poetic traditions of many other languages, it would be reasonable to assume that the same principle applied in Sephardic poetry: that an open syllable with a short vowel was light, but a closed syllable with the same short vowel was heavy.
Examples of secondary gemination affecting intervocalic consonants after long vowels and closed syllables appear below in (1b) and (1c), respectively.
Also greater standard deviation of duration ratios in both of the words with a closed syllable in table 9 (p.
An insignificant shortening of vowels in the second closed syllable of the CV.
As regards quantity, for example, syllable nuclei were shorter in a closed syllable than in an open syllable.
As a special feature, the vowel length is indicated in the closed syllable (e.