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not ready to receive to new ideas


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I would say that the government doesn't have a closed mind on this.
Like trainers, we remain sceptical about the benefits when weighed against the disadvantages, but we also recognise that we must not have a closed mind on this increasingly important issue.
What I was trapped in was my own moral code and closed mind.
Nowhere has the Pentagon's closed mind been more apparent than in its fallback defense to accusations that troops were exposed: It doesn't matter, officials say, because the exposures were low level, and low-level exposure can't hurt you.
The authority hired a solicitor from Northumberland County Council who concluded that although Coun Bolam had been against the application, he did not consider her email to be "evidence of a closed mind such that Coun Bolam had pre-determined the matter.
She said: "If you look at something with a closed mind, you are never going to learn anything.
Home Office lawyers are arguing Ms Smith did not approach the pay question with a closed mind and the Government had repeatedly made its position clear and acted within its powers.
My experience is that there are many who seem to take great delight in having a closed mind.
I suggest next time, Mr Phillips, you attend a Westlife concert with a less closed mind, and appreciate them for what they are - perfect pop.
It's just a shame that the Ministry of Defence as usual have tin ears, a cold heart and a closed mind on this issue.
This trend corresponded with the regime of an Episcopalian bishop "with a closed mind," said Clara Luz Ajo Lazaro, a feminist theologian whose post-graduate studies at the University in Sao Paulo, Brazil were sponsored by the Anglican Church of Canada.
He added: "You can't have a man in charge of the process with a closed mind because of something that's happened in his family.
So it was with a closed mind that I slipped on a white coat and allowed myself to be wired up with sensors to try out the "rubber hand illusion" at the university's Selective Attention and Awareness Laboratory.
Cllr Keith Turner, executive member for education, said: "We will listen to people, we haven't got a closed mind.
The Government hit back yesterday at the decision by leading environmental groups to pull out of its consultation on whether to build new nuclear power stations, accusing them of having a closed mind on the issue.