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CPC's e-Captioning software-based encoding and tape or tapeless delivery of closed captions has firmly established itself as the new industry standard.
Up until now, the only way to add CEA-708 closed captions to HD video was to use expensive HD real-time hardware encoders, each costing about $10,000.
Recent trials from leading online publishers reveal a 40% increase in video viewing when overlaying closed captions and subtitles.
Final Cut Pro 7 by itself does not have any caption preparation or encoding capabilities, that is, the ability to create closed captions from scratch or raw script.
When the non-linear editing system prints to tape, the MXO2 patent-pending technology takes this encoded caption data and translates it to EIA-708 closed captions through its HD-SDI output.
MacCaption's key innovation is that it requires no time consuming re-compression to add closed captions.
The Media Access Group at WGBH is honored to have worked with AOL on the pioneering effort to bring closed captions to the Web," said Larry Goldberg, Director of the Media Access Group at WGBH.
The continuing joint project aims to foster the development of technical strategies for enabling the display of closed captions in a range of digital media formats.
Nexidia Comply, part of the Nexidia Illuminate software suite, uses patented speech recognition technology to check the validity of closed captions in comparison to spoken language.
has unveiled the results of its important research and development investments of the last few years, which leads to improved accuracy of closed captions produced in realtime through its proprietary speech recognition technology.
As well as showing the actors' dialogues in subtitles, Closed Captions also include references to sound effects used in the movie.
The only downside is that the videos do not contain closed captions for hearing impaired viewers.
The DVD format allows the inclusion of such features as scene selection, closed captions, and even access to the Mystery
Enhanced with down-loadable materials for educators, closed captions, video descriptions for the visually impaired, access to the NOVA website, and scene selection, Deadly Ascent (58 minutes, full color, letterboxed) is very strongly recommended for all viewers intrigued with mountain climbing and exploration in general, and assaulting Mt.
The General Cinema Theatre on Van Nuys Boulevard became the first conventional theater to install the systems for closed captions and descriptive narration, ushering in deaf and blind patrons to mix with the general audiences.