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broadcast with captions that are seen only on receivers having special equipment

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This is the first time in the history of closed caption and subtitle technology, where there is an open source implementation available to facilitate interoperability.
The law requires 'all franchise holders or operators of television stations and producers of television programs to broadcast or present their programs with closed caption options.
This will give Metro the ability to do closed captions at these 3 locations.
By making its courses available with transcripts in more than 50 languages and with closed caption functions, Pluralsight reinforces its commitment to making coding and its courses globally accessible so that businesses can stay ahead of the curve in this technology-driven market.
Under the bill, franchise holders or operators of TV stations and producers of TV programs will be required to use closed caption options in their programs.
SAIC needed an alternate way to provide closed caption to people who are deaf-blind.
Until now, time stamping closed captions was a labor-intensive, time consuming process, consisting of pressing a key when you heard the first word of each caption.
Live TV Broadcast YouCaption can interface with CPC's award winning CaptionMaker software to control a local or remote broadcast closed caption encoder.
Ability to output closed caption files in any popular format including: SMIL, DFXP, SubRip and SonicScenerist among others
Adding web closed captioning is a non-trivial undertaking for broadcasters, as the digital workflow for publishing video online typically strips or misaligns the original closed caption data," said Tom Wilde, RAMP CEO.
Mobile Devices: CPC software can encode closed caption tracks into videos supported by popular mobile devices.
This software-only metadata workflow will save Avid users time and money by eliminating the need for a dedicated external hardware closed caption encoder which can cost $8,000 or more, simplifying workflows for handling video with closed captioning data.
This legacy hardware is pretty expensive (a closed caption hardware encoder can cost from $2,000 to $10,000, not including the costs of the software, tape decks, time code reader equipment, etc.
Previously, closed caption data had to be translated into CEA-708 format from a SCC file which only contains NTSC CEA-608 data.
com), a world leader in subtitle and caption services and solutions, are working to provide quick, professional, closed caption and language subtitles for online video.