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Synonyms for authoritarianism

a political doctrine advocating the principle of absolute rule

Synonyms for authoritarianism

a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc

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China, which remains a closed society in many ways, has an open mind, whereas the United States is an open society with a closed mind.
When you've got a closed society which has no restraints on the leadership, there appears to be very little restricting the new leadership and it's insane to have a hereditary communist dictatorship.
He also considers Tumblr to be a closed society, while Twitter and Facebook enable him to archive his work.
The experts agreed that no matter what sanctions were put in place to try to stop what would be illegal gambling routes, people or operators would find a way, unless a Chinese-type closed society was put in place - which did not seem likely.
The problem not only in Bulgaria but even in Romania is the transformation from closed society to open society, and from closed community to open university community.
He wants to change Britain from a closed society in which people know their place to an open one where people CHOOSE their place.
Indeed, Al-Basha's main plan was to use this army as a tool to subject the Egyptian people to the wishes of the elite (which was non-Egyptian at the time), not through direct oppression, but through the subjugation of the Egyptian farmers via strict restraints imposed by officers who are engaged in a complex network of interests and loyalties and constitute a form of closed society.
The portraits of these young women in desperate straits throws a revealing light on the impoverished margins of Iranian society, providing truly remarkable insight on the underbelly of what is, for Westerners at least, a largely closed society, its flaws seldom so exposed.
Silencing dissent is an act of cowardice and is one way from my perspective Israel has de-legitimized itself to become a militaristic and closed society.
Irish society was a closed society back then, very like East European societies under communism.
We are a closed society," said a parent who believes in cousin marriages, "and there are hardly any opportunities for men and women to meet each other.
He divides the century and a half into periods of Reconstruction and redemption to 1877; hiatus and revival to 1921; invisible empire to 1944; a closed society to 1962; a ticket to the eternal 1963-69; and yesterday, today, and forever 1970-2007.
We should understand that this time-tested script for establishing or enforcing a dictatorship exists -- but so does a counter-strategy for opening up a closed society.
It's a closed society but there will have been an effort to publicise the missile launch and present it as a great success.
To seek to censor and suppress this kind of language is the fruits of a closed society.