closed-circuit television

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a television system that is not used for broadcasting but is connected by cables to designated monitors (as in a factory or theater)

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614-87366 Closed Circuit Television Pole with Lowering Device (60 Feet) 2.
In this position, he can fully utilize his extensive experience within the ITS, closed circuit television and video industries to create a stronger presence and increased profitability for the division.
Border Force are intending to replace the existing provision of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) at the Port of Dover.
The most popular digital security systems purchased by commercial and residential building owners to insure the safety of its tenants are closed circuit television cameras, digital video recorders and digital intercom systems.
Q Television will be viewable to those attending the week long festivities in Palm Springs via closed circuit television channels at the Windham and Riviera as well as at Q Television booths stationed at the various events.
Schools are not only being reinforced with additional security measures, such as closed circuit television cameras, new fences, and gates, but special counseling, and grief therapy programs have also been put in place to help the students.
The Security Systems Division (SSD) is a global provider of closed circuit television (CCTV), fire, burglary, access control, sound and communications products, and accessories for the residential, commercial and government markets.
Recent improvements at the tower include new heating and air-conditioning systems; replacement of the elevators' mechanical systems and the refurbishment of cab interiors; upgrading of hallways and common areas; replacement of all the building's lighting fixtures; the installation of a closed circuit television system, which monitors areas inside as well as outside the building; and a new messenger center.
In addition, security is further enhanced by one of the most sophisticated closed circuit television surveillance systems in a residential setting.
The system also provides enhanced passenger information and has the potential to provide closed circuit television for improved security.
Other added offerings include signaling devices, emergency lighting, exit signs, access control, and closed circuit television
The system also has the potential to provide enhanced passenger information and closed circuit television for improved security.
The system also has the potential to provide instant messaging to passengers direct from Wagn's operations and closed circuit television for improved security.