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a television system that is not used for broadcasting but is connected by cables to designated monitors (as in a factory or theater)

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A Firebox X Peak was also used to connect between the network in the International Broadcast Center in Lingotto and the network that managed and monitored the Olympic closed circuit TV.
In addition to the empty display cases in the middle of the depot, and a donated closed circuit TV to show old Westerns shot in Chatsworth, the foundation has recently put four decorative hardwood benches inside the depot for people to sit on.
Two years ago, we launched our loss prevention division, including card access, fire, burglary and closed circuit TV security systems.
Cork Corporation plans to introduce closed circuit TV systems on city estates to help tackle joy-riding and other crimes.
This accomplishment is especially worthy of merit given that Smart-Tek defines its core business offering as: closed circuit TV, access control and alarm systems for the Greater Vancouver area.
The guide, drawn up following the Dunblane massacre, says schools should consider personal attack alarms, closed circuit TV cameras and even security guards.
Among its outstanding features are: Ultra modern security systems on all floors, doors and elevators with closed circuit TV monitoring to a manned central station in the main building lobby; Vital building systems such as lighting, elevators, fire and security have emergency power back-up via the building's generator; New centralized air conditioning and heating with a new cooling tower; Latest state-of-the-art passenger and freight elevators; new electrical service, thermopane windows and bathrooms; And last, but certainly not least, a handsome new marble and granite lobby and entranceway.
com/reports/c29348) has announced the addition of Closed Circuit TV Market Report 2005 to their offering.
Stretched police favour increased closed circuit TV and more action against other car crimes and domestic violence.
For example, popular systems include the latest-model audio intercoms, video intercoms and closed circuit TV systems, which can monitor buildings far more effectively than the traditional bell-and-buzzer systems of years ago.
com/reports/c25393 ) has announced the addition of Closed Circuit TV Industry -- A Market Update (2005-2008) to their offering.
NAPCO Gulf Security Group's sales and marketing facilities will feature NAPCO's comprehensive line of security products including alarms, motion sensors, electronic locks, building access control systems featuring card and biometric readers plus affiliated closed circuit TV systems, fire alarm systems and surveillance products.
Eagle Broadband offers a full range of security services for residential, commercial and government customers including design, installation, monitoring, closed circuit TV, video surveillance and related support services.
He spent sixteen years at Sensormatic Electronics Corporation, the largest electronic security tagging company in the world, with his final position being Director of Operations for their American Dynamics closed circuit TV equipment subsidiary.