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a sale intended to dispose of all remaining stock

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Given the data, this would be an aggressive exception to recent close-out timeframes.
He also started the practice, still at the core of the business, of purchasing close-out wines and spirits and selling them at the lowest legal price, buying large volumes to take an item off his market, offering customers products that his competitors didn't have and giving his customers a big savings.
With an entire warehouse of designer close-outs on hand, Apparel Fundraiser has perfected the art of drawing in bargain hunters.
He was asked if such product close-outs made it even more difficult to sell new products on an already slow market?
In addition to close-outs, Pic 'N' Save also carries current merchandise such as Fisher Price Beauty Salon for little girls.
I have tried almost every option available over the years to move close-outs in order to free up my warehouse space so I could bring in more goods.
Other key features include short and flexible close-outs, quick and dedicated ramp transfer (for express transit), as well as priority loading at origin and unloading at the final destination, and speedy retrieval at the final destination.
The retailer acquires merchandise from manufacturers and growers as overruns, close-outs or short-dated items, and so with each trip to the store the customer potentially encounters an unexpected deal.
Navy is a tough team," Lepley said, "and a good 3-point shooting team, so we have to make sure our hands are up on our close-outs.
The rest of the store is stocked with new clothing she has purchased at department store close-outs, as well as some men's shirts and women's clothing she imports from Bali, she said.
Bells and whistles can always be added later as money becomes available, and this might be a better way to customize as you can shop for each feature individually, taking advantage of sales and close-outs.
The first Monday of every month, Utah's liquor stores have close-outs sales; the top values are found at designated wine stores.
launched the program, which allows dealers to adjust their retail product mix without the loss of profit margins associated with close-outs and write-offs.
Specifically, people looking for bargains and close-outs had to drive to obscure outlet centers in far-off locations, but he calculated correctly that there was a huge market for a sort of online closeout warehouse.
The third category of properties is new homes, condos and builder close-outs.