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a company that hires only union members

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DAMMAM: SULTAN AL-SUGHAIRSeveral laundries have had to close shop here recently because illegal foreign workers have not turned up for work or left the Kingdom under the amnesty ending on Nov.
com, which offered fans via online auction to buy the chance to spend time with famous athletes at special events, has decided to close shop.
According to initial reports a huge blast occurred in a close shop at Faqir Klay market resulting in injuries to 6 people including women and children.
ISLAMABAD -- Government has agreed to the demand of business community and has allowed them to close shops in Islamabad by 10:00 pm.
Cabinets Energy Conservation Committee had taken decision on 8th April 2015 under the Chair of Prime Minister to close shops in Islamabad by 8 pm as a part of energy conservation measures.
Khaled Maimany, a member of the committee, said the decision to close shops at 9 p.
It is within a short walk of the sea front, Whitley Bay Playhouse, the library and children's play area, and close shops and other amenities plus the Metro and local bus routes.
ELECTRICAL retailers Comet could be forced to close shops if crunch talks aimed at reducing rents fail.
She added: "We have to close shops because of the weather and cannot expect people to come in and without volunteers being able to come in and help out we can't open.
Mr Murphy said Labour councils would take action to remove licences and to close shops that sell alcohol to under-18s and close pubs with persistent crime and drug-dealing problems.