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a general term for the research activity that creates a copy of some biological entity (a gene or organism or cell)

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It is one thing to clone cells for research in the battle against the killer diseases which still afflict millions of ordinary people.
The Cell Xpress service is built upon Cyntellect's proprietary LEAP (Laser Enabled Analysis and Processing) platform which enables high-throughput, in situ imaging and measurement of protein secretion on an individual cell basis, coupled with laser-based elimination of undesired cells to directly clone cells with the highest protein secretion.
1] cells (terminal apoptotic phase), but not in TI 14 clone cells, indicating that overexpression of bcl-2 completely inhibited cadmium-induced apoptosis (Figure 5B).
It also shows it is theoretically possible to carry out similar changes to human clone cells.
It also makes it theoretically possible to carry out similar alterations to human clone cells.