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a speech defect that involves pronouncing 's' like voiceless 'th' and 'z' like voiced 'th'

a flexible procedure-oriented programing language that manipulates symbols in the form of lists

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com) are a high-intensity way to learn cutting-edge professional development topics like Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Git, Objective-C and Clojure.
Functional Programming Patterns in Scala and Clojure teaches the basics of solving programming problems using a minimum of object-oriented programming code, and uses Scala and Clojure to solve many problems.
He is the principal organizer of the Clojure NYC Meetup which attracts over 100 participants from the technology industry each month.
Clojure is predominantly a functional programming language, and features a rich set of immutable, persistent data structures.
js, Scala, Clojure, Python, and Java technologies and cloud architectures.
The editor behind Cloud9 IDE, ACE, was recently merged with Mozilla Skywriter and is already fully supporting Ruby, Clojure and Java programming languages, all supported on Heroku PaaS.
This presentation provides an introduction on how to successfully apply polyglot programming on the JVM by using languages like Ruby, ML, Scala and Clojure without giving up day-to-day Java coding.
The service is driven by a RESTful Web services API, and provides language bindings for Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, Scala, Go, Clojure, Objective-C, and C#.