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  • noun

Synonyms for clodhopper

a clumsy, unsophisticated person

Synonyms for clodhopper

a thick and heavy shoe

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True the sleek, slimline boots that today's players lace up before every match - or fasten with Velcro - do not offer the same kind of protection as the clodhoppers of yesteryear.
A fairly meaningless victory over Greece and now this toying win over complete clodhoppers may not exactly herald a renaissance but it proves McClaren at least has the wherewithal and brains to build a team around Hargreaves.
Even they're ditching the clodhoppers, and they have an actual use for them - beyond appreciating that lovely dirt-filled fleece trim.
Taking a kick off a woman he was trying to help - "she had these great clodhoppers on and whacked me in the leg" - he developed a blood clot which entered his lung.
Perhaps reminiscent of Kipling's Just So stories, this collection from award winning New Zealand writer, Cowley covers the interesting and the bizarre from The Horrible Thing with Hairy Feet, to Clodhoppers and Zamforan the Dragon.
Bearing in mind the limitless English capacity to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, Marston's risks setting up the biggest sporting anticlimax since Mars, Carlsberg and the rest convinced us England's foot-balling clodhoppers were cast-iron favourites to win the World Cup.
From the chunky clodhoppers we used to wear at school, boots seem to have evolved into lightweight efforts made of less leather than a skinny vegan's belt.
Rather than clearing the outer-casing of the curved yellow fruitstuff with one mighty, impressive leap, the Bears edged past it only after their clodhoppers came rather too close to it for comfort.
An illiterate, a dreamy and ineffectual man, courteous and inoffensive, dressed habitually in bib overalls and clodhoppers, shorter than Alison, but lean and darkly handsome, he was often to be seen leaning on his broom in out of the way corners of the campus, or carrying plumbing implements somewhere in no great hurry.
of clodhoppers on laminate making it hard for you to understand
The story ends: "Boots, shoes, slippers, clodhoppers, whispered Winnie.
com - official site for the women's game, with much the same blend of stats and profiles as the above, plus a Coaches Corner section to help humble clodhoppers get more from their game.
Winnipeg's Krave's Candy Company has one of the hottest sweet snacks in Canada in Clodhoppers.
Ormsby's syntax here feels nearly sculptural: he carves a sinuous groove down the page--a mold innocent of language, waiting for words but shapely in its own right--and then fills it with locutions of mixed fragility and force, like "dainty boots or strenuous clodhoppers.
The Carstenses' daughter could not keep boyfriends; she returned from a high school semester abroad wearing black clodhoppers, her blond hair cut short.