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a member of a council

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Human resources will remain in the hands of Cllr Alwyn Rowlands with Cllr John Arwel Roberts taking over highways and property.
But after the meeting Cllr Cheryl Carlisle, Cllr Liz Roberts and former Conwy County Council leader Goronwy Edwards, who lost his seat on May 3 after 16 years, were dismayed that there aren't any women among the ten Cabinet posts.
Labour brought a motion to full council calling on Cllr Adalat to resign - but it was defeated 27 to 23 in favour of a vastly watered down alternative.
Just as the official was responding to the query, Cllr Doyle interrupted.
Cllr Jeffrey continued: "We believe Labour will be putting together a team made up of both experienced councillors and knowledgeable and enthusiastic new members, and by offering the vital scrutiny function to the opposition, shows we are acting in an open and transparent fashion.
Cllr Meirion Jones represents the Aethwy ward, while Cllr Llinos Medi Huws is member for the rural alybolion ward.
Earlier, Cllr Townshend (Lower Stoke) asked Cllr Taylor to congratulate police in their successful investigation.
The court heard that five councillors met in Cllr Pyne's home and a row developed.
Cllr Lanigan said: "My first priority is to bring the council together and start to really move forward on doing what we were elected to do - the best for the people of Redcar and Cleveland.
The five Wrexham Conservative councillors have also agreed to work with Cllr Pritchard's group giving a total of 33 in the alliance.
com/poolecho Last year five Tories voted against Cllr Foulkes's appointment in what is the key event of the civic year - and intended to be non-political.
WEST Lancs Labour group has a new leader for the third time in three years, after Cllr Neil Furey stepped down for personal reasons.
RE: Cllr Patton's letter (Your Say, May 18) 'Right move for the vulnerable'.
Cllr Mary Lanigan, leader of the Independent Group, was elected to lead the council until May's elections.
Cllr Rogers sacked Cllr King from his lead member finance post after allegations he made against the Child and Family Assessment Team.