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English electrical engineer who founded a company that introduced many innovative products (born in 1940)

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Sir Clive Sinclairs ill-fated tricycle was intended as the first in a series of electric vehicles, but the short range, maximum speed of 15mph, short battery life and lack of weatherproofing made it in practical.
London, Mar 25 ( ANI ): C5 electric tricycle, a battery-powered vehicle invented by Sir Clive Sinclair, was voted as the worst gadget ever.
Since I decided to write about the patent war among the 'big boys' in the world of technology, a series of pictures of the folks, ranging from Blaise Pascal to Clive Sinclair who made immense contribution to the evolutionary process of a calculator in many different ways, propped up on my mind for one strange reason: who owns the patent for calculator?
htm) Sir Clive Sinclair Would Sue the BBC Today, Claims Raspberry Pi Inventor Eben Upton
Which early consumer computer created by inventor Clive Sinclair has just celebrated its 30th birthday?
Notable alumni include Sir Clive Sinclair and Adam and Ben Hollioake.
This is the sum total of computer programming skills I, and thousands of schoolboys like me, learned thanks to Clive Sinclair and his home computers in the early 1980s.
1940--Nacio Clive Sinclair, fundador de la empresa Sinclair Research y creador de las microcomputadoras Sinclair ZX-81, ZX --Spectrum entre otras.
There's, er, Clive Sinclair, who gave the world the ZX Spectrum.
Sir Clive Sinclair, who heads up London-based Sinclair Research, is planning to release a portable computer, running Linux, at roughly half the cost of a Windows-based machine.
de Clive Sinclair, comienza con el cuento titulado, asi en espanol, "La Fiesta de Navidad".
1977: Clive Sinclair launches the world's smallest TV with a 2in screen.
In common with fellow Britons, Jeremy Fry (who he says was his mentor) and Clive Sinclair, he is one of a rare breed - a gifted designer/inventor and industrialist with a sense of purpose.
As Cheryl Jackson Leafield, Marketing Manager for 4imprint in the UK and Ireland says: "If the likes of James Dyson, Sir Clive Sinclair and Steve Jobs can fail as spectacularly as they did and go on to become huge business successes, we definitely have something to learn about both failure and our attitudes to it".