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a shield-like plate on the front of an insect's head

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Clipeus con dos setas largas clipeales anteriores y una seta clipeal exterior en cada margen lateral del postclipeus (Figura 3A).
illius intactae cecidere a pectore vestes, iam clipeus breviorque manu consumitur hasta (mira fides) Ithacumque umeris excedere visus Aetolumque ducem: tantum subita arma calorque Martius horrenda confundit luce penates, immanisque gradu, ceu protinus Hectora poscens, stat medius trepidante domo, Peleaque virgo quaeritur (1.
Face of the female with striae that depart radially from the clipeus and the middle of the face towards the interfoveal antennae and the inferior part of the compound eyes, surface between them, smooth.
The author discusses strategies used to shield images from any connection with idolatry, from the averted faces in the Jewish frescoes at Dura-Europos to the symbolic image of Christ in a clipeus, borne by angels, in the Chapel of San Zeno at Santa Prassede in Rome (817-24).
25) The second class also has ocreae, the first both ocreae and lorica, with clipeus instead of scutum.
The clipeus appears on both classical and early Christian Roman funerary sculpture, such as sarcophagi, surrounding the image of the deceased, as for example on the fourth-century sarcophagus of the two brothers in the Vatican Museum.