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a device (as an earring, sunglasses, microphone etc

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attachable by a clip

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15 ( ANI ): A schoolboy from Essex, was put into isolation for a day for refusing to wear a clip-on tie, as he wanted to wear a smarter traditional one - which breaches "health and safety rules.
Teachers at Bishop Ullathorne Catholic School are asking all 11-year-olds starting in their first year at the school to wear clip-ons.
The clip-ons feature passive polarized lenses using the latest 3D technology and will be available from December 1.
But these small, seemingly innocuous clip-ons no bigger than a hair barrette amount to "over 3.
A gold and ruby brooch, which has a lock of grey hair set into it, a 26 ins long gold and pale blue sapphire chain, shell-shaped gold clip-on earrings and a pair of clip-ons with small swirls were taken during the break-in, along with a gold-faced watch, with brown leather straps.
But while clip-ons are fun for special occasions, women seeking something more permanent may opt for professionally applied hair extensions.
The new K6 Card Clamps have more than twice the holding power of competing models and come already attached to a holder of choice, such as lanyards, retractable reels, and the clip-ons.
Working It: Task lighting, including clip-ons for beds and desks at Cargo Kids; contemporary, colorful styles at Nebraska Furniture Mart.
Custom-made clip-ons for your eyewear * Polarized * Shaped before your eyes in minutes * Lightweight * Durable * Choice of colors
Small sparkling earrings for pierced ears are the safest; clip-ons can be secured with a touch of liquid adhesive.
The sunglasses on offer are wire-framed Aviator, Classic tortoise shell, sturdy half frame and spring hinged clip-ons.
Push-on pins last many times longer than clip-ons and are easier to use.
Faced with appropriate accompanying material such as table tents, menu clip-ons, and server-badges for promotion, the coffee-drinking public seemed to respond positively to their favorite eating place earning such recognition.
The style system guides women through five steps to customize and coordinate their fashion accessories: 1) Pick My Color 2) Choose My Bag 3) Add My Clutch 4) Style My Bag, by adding clip-ons and accessories, and 5) Style Me, which finishes the look with coordinating scarves and jewelry.
With the recent rise in popularity of bracelets and clip-ons, consumers have demonstrated a clear demand for wearable computing and all the bio-feedback that comes along with it.