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a place of entertainment where high prices are charged for poor entertainment

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Having paid a visit or two to these sports-themed clip joints, it's obvious what basic element they lack -- a manly menu of styles, based on athletic hero worship.
The clip joints that are greyhound tracks will echo ever more eerily for a while; and then, one has to suppose, the game will simply die, its memory kept alive perhaps by the virtual version its owners have shown they're perfectly happy to peddle instead.
These clubs are a far cry from the dingy East End pubs where women stripped and passed around a pint glass for tips or the ultra-sleazy clip joints of Soho.
Eli-Flex's Protekt-a-Splice is a new resin material formulated to seal gaps in conveyor belt clip joints and mechanical fasteners, The resin is a combination of epoxy and polyurethane hardeners in a hybrid system.
Along with older brother Charlie, the twins had first made their mark as professional boxers in the 50s, using their physical strength to extend their 'business interests' running clubs and cheap clip joints.
His lowdown on shopping in Williamsburg is priceless, as is his anticipation of two "rural clip joints," The Homestead and the Greenbrier, only one of which turns out to deserve the slur.