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(Greek mythology) the Muse of history

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O&M was also awarded three Silver Healthcare CLIOs in the design, direct, and out of home categories.
Renault's eagerly-awaited new Clio is now on sale - just in time to be driven away with the new 13 plate from March 1 onwards.
ORGANISERS of the brand new Michelin Clio Cup Series with Protyre have set out technical details and pricing for the inaugural season.
All new Clios employ Stop/Start as standard which reduces fuel consumption.
countries, including over one suitable style, Renault has launched badged fittingly as Clio 20th.
The original Renault Clio arrived on these shores in the spring of 1991, very quickly winning many fans with its willing engines and a supple ride.
ALTHOUGH it's nothing like as striking as the French firm's latest Megane, or as daring as the avante-garde Avantime, the latest Renault Clio has individual style with a grown-up feel to it.
Enter the Clio Renaultsport 197 - a car destined to be the hottest hatch of the summer.
Designed as a lower-cost entry level option for buyers who can't run to the price of the latest Clio, it will be called the Clio Campus - a model name last used by the company on the Renault Five when it continued in production in basic form following the introduction of the original Clio in 1991.
Renault says that with the Campus branding, the old Clio - made famous by French soccer ace Thierry Henry's va-va-voom TV commercials - will continue alongside the latest Clio for several years It will be available only in three-door form with prices starting from pounds 7,895 - pounds 1,000 less than the cheapest Clio III - rising to pounds 9,495.
When Renault introduced us to the Clio nine years ago it was an instant hit both in the UK and in mainland Europe.
There was nothing to choose between the first two Clios in terms of price, engineering and performance.
th] Annual CLIO Awards Wednesday evening, Leo Burnett Worldwide took home 71 CLIOs-four Hall of Fame inductees, one Grand CLIO, 11 Gold, 19 Silver and 36 Bronze-making it the second most awarded agency at the show this year.