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42nd President of the United States (1946-)

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I meant no offense to the people of Clinton in calling them Clintonites.
One Clintonite is quoted in the Washington Post as saying -- "This isn't lightly flavored with Clintons.
On one of Obama's early visits to Washington, Lake introduced him to former Clintonites who would later form the nucleus of the campaign's foreign policy team.
But Obama is making Clintonites feel like an elderly aunt who won't let the kids play their newfangled music in the talent show.
Treasury, which could have intervened directly (as the Clintonites had in previous crises) but would instead defer to the Fund.
Nor, Clintonites insisted, was this a "split-the-difference" approach to governance; the New Covenant was beyond, not between, the ideologies of the left and the right.
Another factor would be the failure of the Democratic campaign managers, many of whom were recycled Clintonites, to grasp the national mood.
One White House official suggested that the existence of the earlier PDB was evidence that President Bush was never properly informed by the outgoing Clintonites about the full depth of the Qaeda threat.
It's true that there's bad blood between leftwing activists and free-trading Clintonites.
Clintonites and other denizens of the one-world Left had been using such expressions to vent their outrage over President George W.
There was a genuine fear that the Clintonites would sign away, on a formal level at least, the US's imperial role in the 21st century.
Two other prominent Clintonites, former attorney general Janet Reno and Labor secretary Robert Reich, went down to defeat in primary races for the governorships of Florida and Massachusetts, respectively.
With an election coming up, the last thing the Clintonites wanted was to get on the wrong side of a potentially explosive issue dealing with children and pornography.
Re-learn International Relations 101: don't try to abolish the balance of power as the Clintonites did with "dual containment"; take advantage of it.
But while this is a distinction that for unfathomable reasons seems to matter to business groups, it is in reality a distinction without a difference, given how inconsequential all of the labor and environmental protections proposed by the Clintonites are.