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42nd President of the United States (1946-)

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American terms such as Clintonite and October Surprise are included, plus two conspiracy terms - deep throat and grassy knoll.
Don't worry if you read a text message about a Clintonite singleton Klingon living as a benefit tourist (while blagging about his stakeholder pension) outside the beltway in a parallel universe, where he's standing on a grassy knoll, feistily fighting a just war in a chat room like some bog-standard Jedi against the Dark Side zapping any Taliban arm candy and smug marrieds.
Clintonite Paul Begala, writing last year in the Orlando Sentinel, used it, giving Twain full credit.
The standout pieces of this section include Anthony O'Donnell's defence of the welfare state's record in redistributing wealth and sharing risks, arguing that its limitations are not reasons to abandon the premise on which it was based; Roy Green and Andrew Wilson, who warn against the adoption of Blairite and Clintonite employment policies under the guise of a Third Way, arguing that it further weakens the ALP's opposition to regressive industrial relations reform; and Paul Mees's contribution on transport policy, which illustrates the flawed thinking that leads to roadways like CityLink.
It was life-changing," Piper said, and it made her a confirmed Clintonite.
As Clintonite James Carville so bluntly put it, "It's the economy, stupid.
state schools (grade inflation and so forth) and new proposals for "communitarianism" (the great Clintonite buzzword), "national services," and state economic management.
At the very least, such a radical restructuring of the national health care system would involve an expansion of the federal budget that no Clintonite would accept.
It's also emblematic of a broader Clintonite critique of the president, one that has as much to do with well-intentioned frustration as with rose-tinted 1990s nostalgia.
McCaul is a Clintonite liberal who abetted two of the most notorious cover-ups of the past decade--Chinagate and Waco--and yet he's being positioned as an emerging 'conservative' star in the GOP," Bob Dacy told THE NEW AMERICAN.
Today is Easter and many families will be devoting the day to church and family celebrations, but it is also opening day and every Clintonite who could get a ticket is heading down tonight to Boston to watch the Red Sox go to war with the Evil Empire from New York.
Likewise, the vast majority of US 'progressive' opinion-makers embraced, with occasional mild reservations, the Obama candidacy and, in effect, became part of the 'broad coalition' joining hands with billionaire Zionist zealots and Wall Street financial swindlers, Clintonite 'humanitarian' militarists, impotent millionaire trade union bureaucrats and various and sundry upwardly mobile 'minority' politicians and vote hustlers.
Rather than providing excuses, Shrum wants us to believe, in essence, that his reputation has been sullied unfairly by a cabal of unscrupulous, backbiting Clintonite centrists who have sought to trample him, the progressive standard-bearer who's been fighting for you, the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.
One Clintonite is quoted in the Washington Post as saying -- "This isn't lightly flavored with Clintons.