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the executive under President Clinton

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The Clinton administration would have rejected bad trade deals, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Still, when McAteer left office at the end of the Clinton administration, MSHA could claim some success in having advanced mine safety.
Having repeatedly urged action against Osama bin Laden's network during the Clinton administration, Clarke wrote that he finally gained the attention of the Bush team only a week before 9-11: "It had taken since January [2001] to get the cabinet-level meeting that I had requested 'urgently' within days of the inauguration to approve an aggressive plan to go after al Qaeda.
government signed the treaty in 1998, the Clinton Administration did not submit it to the Senate for advice and consent, which are necessary for ratification.
1 -- 2 -- ran in Valley edition only) Santa Clarita lawyer Allan Favish is shown left, while Clinton administration lawyer Vincent Foster is on right.
In Souder's view, he says, the Bush administration is coming down even harder on students with drug convictions than the Clinton administration did.
The Clinton Administration was never able to publicly present any credible evidence that Iraq even had biological weapons or other weapons of mass destruction in the late 1990s which was used to justify U.
The Clinton administration, which claimed to be in favor of affirmative action, attempted to "mend it" so as not to "end it" (affirmative action).
But the Clinton Administration has bulldogged other countries on patent rights.
He has a vague recollection of the Gulf War and a few memories of the 1993 inauguration, but his personal knowledge of current events basically begins and ends with the Clinton administration.
Despite NAFTA's lackluster results, however, the Clinton administration is once again seeking fast-track authority to extend the treaty's principles to the rest of the hemisphere.
Meanwhile the Clinton administration is gamely attempting to downplay the costs and complications of the Kyoto Protocol.
2014, The Tax Fairness Act of 1997, as well as key officials of the Clinton Administration.
The Clinton administration expects that many of these proposals will be included as part of the five-year balanced budget agreement; however, the precise content of the tax package will not be certain until the members of the House Ways and Means and Senate Finance committees agree on a bill.
Worldwatch now gives its briefings to the Clinton administration, via Tim Wirth of the State Department, Katie McGinty's White House environmental office and others.