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a practitioner (of medicine or psychology) who does clinical work instead of laboratory experiments

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NEBA does this using EEG to separate ADHD patients into biomarker-based groups with clinical differences that allow validated recommendations to be offered to the clinicians.
Here, clinicians are central to the intellectual development (ie, identification of the research question, selection of research design, patient population, clinical setting, measurements and, where applicable, interventions) and conduct of the project.
Responsible and judicious use of diagnostic testing will be crucial for minimizing the risk of providing clinicians with misleading results that could severely disrupt the public health system and lead to an unnecessary expenditure of limited resources.
To the chagrin of many clinicians, various funding agencies and insurers are beginning to restrict reimbursements so that the only treatments eligible are the 2 dozen or so deemed "empirically supported" by APA's Society of Clinical Psychology in 1998.
Clinicians will include Cindy Harrington and Mary Van de Loo from Lawrence University.
During the 1990s, dermoscopy--also called epiluminescence microscopy because it lights and magnifies features on the skin's surface--was developed as a tool for dermatologists, general practitioners, and other clinicians.
A range of modifiable factors, including clinician support, may encourage mothers to continue breast-feeding their infants.
This is the electronic version of the paper chart and the first priority for getting clinicians to use the computer to find information.
During reading and repeated enactments of the story, the graduate clinicians targeted and modeled discrimination and production of rhyming word pairs.
If clinicians wanted to tie the written report to the images, clinicians often had to request the images to study them in conjunction with the written report.
As a result, clinicians can be criticized for either increasing or decreasing use of medication such as diazepam, hydromorphone, and oxycodone.
Although the professional literature continues to be a major source of continuing education for health care providers, and although libraries are often excellent sources of information that can benefit patient care, the problems in information delivery to clinicians have not yet been solved.
InforSense collaborated with the Windber Research Institute (WRI) to create a workflow-based decision support solution that enables clinicians to easily browse and dynamically drill down into large patient data sets to identify key risk factors for better decision-making in patient care, which has been commercialized within HealthSense.
Clinicians include Peggy Otwell, director of educational products at Hal Leonard; Barbara Conable, Alexander Technician and author of Body Mapping; and Suzanne Guy, NCTM, from Norfolk, Virginia.
For the purposes of this discussion, clinicians are defined as health professionals involved in direct patient care, providers are health care entities such as hospitals, and consumers comprise patients and those representing their interests, such as employers.
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